Monday, October 12, 2009

Visit from Grammy

My mom (Grammy), came to visit a couple weeks ago. We love when we get a visit from Grammy. The boys loved playing with her and definitely kept her on her feet. THanks for being such a sweet Grammy and treating us so good. We loved having you!

Gweny. Grammy
Grammy. Sawyer on choo choo
Carter the conductor
Grammy & the boys at PlayWerx..we thought the boys would let us relax and watch them, but no my mom and I took turns being kids and climbing up and down and all around the tunnels and slides. we had tons of fun!


Joselyn said...

Your kids are so cute and growing up so fast it seems! This is such a fun time of year!
oh-I have an email to send you but I don't have your email address..could you email me your address at Thanks!! :)

Mom said...

I loved being with your family as well! Fun time. Can't wait for Christmas!