Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy 4th

We had a fun evening in Ladera to see the amazing fire works show there! So fun. We have come every year since we moved from Ladera 4 years ago. Its too good to miss out. We hung out on the grass with our blankets and chairs while the kids ran around and danced to music until it was dark enough to start the fire works. The boys loved laying on the blankets looking up at the huge, booming fire works. Gwen feel asleep, but she would have loved them. We had a fun evening celebrating our country. Happy 4th!

an attempt at a family shot
festive Gwen in her red white and blue: pretty darn cute!
Mema & Gwen hanging out: Gwen munchin' on her snacks
Sawyer & Izzy:
Oh my gosh, Sawyer had the biggest obbession with Izzy the whole weekend! He had to be with Izzy every second, and if he wasn't he was asking where she was so he could run and be with her. She was such a good sport about having her little 2 year old cousin want to be by her side every second. He said to Jono & I, "I like Izzy's face"! Meaning he thinks she is pretty. (: Pretty cute.
So happy to be with Izzy(Isabel)

Family Fun

A couple Sundays ago, we went to Mema & Papa's place in Dana Point and had sunday dinner and then went down to the sidewalk over looking the beach. The kids had fun playing on the grass and of course eating yummy pie and ice cream! We had a fun evening with our family!

Some of the grandkids and Papa: we celebrated fathers day with papa late b/c we werent all together on fahters day.
happy little gwen
cousin maicy. gwen
cousin scarlett
gwen was obsessed with climbing up and down the stairs
All the kids getting a fun ride on the piece of cardboard
cute bennett
Soy Boy
Sawyer rollin' down the hill
Bennett on his little piece of cardboard

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Can you say gorgeous, precious, sweet, adorable?! Natalie is just too cute for words! These were too cute to not post. My sister took Natalie to get her pics taken by her friend Judy. She did an amazing job at capturing sweet little Natalie!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Meeting baby Natalie!

My little niece Natalie Marie Miller made her debut on June 16th at 12:13pm.
She weighed 7lbs 15oz. Gwen and I were able to make the drive up to see little Natalie! Oh my, she is one cute little thing. I loved holding her and getting my fix of a tiny little baby. It is so fun that my sister now has a little girl. I passed down all of Gwen's clothes and accessories to her, it has been so fun to see Natalie wearing them, and just seeing my sister getting into the girly things after having two boys. Yes, we both have two boys and a girl, and they are all pretty much the same age. Its so fun! Gwen now has a girl cousin (on my side) to play with. Gwen loved Natalie! We miss her and can't wait to see her again!

Natalie Marie Miller!
Gwen playing Peek-a-boo
Gwen patting Natalie
Giving Kisses

sunday best

Grammy. Gwen

Movie Night

Carter.Ella.Sawyer: Movie Night
Ella.Carter.Sawyer: wanted to pose in front of the movie

Ella: Carter took this pic.
Sawyer: The kids got a hold of the camera
Carter wanted Shark Boy hair: Ella took this
of course you have to have a pic of the popcorn.(:
Carter and Sawyer got to have their friend Ella come over for dinner and a movie night. They had so much fun eating popcorn, and otter pops while watching The Squequal: Alvin and the Chipmunks. I loved watching them have fun together all snuggled up watching the movie. Reminds me of being a kid.