Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Happy Birthday to our sweet, loving, funny 2 year old boy! We love you so much Sawyer. You make us so happy. We are so blessed to be your mommy and Daddy! We hope you know we always love you. You are one special boy.

Sawyer at 2.....
cutest personality.
So funny, coy, flirty, shy, relaxed, but loves to run around & have a good ole' time
You have such a sweet nature about you
you are so loving..sweetest hugs and kisses
You are so caring towards others
you love to help out, you say " help me... mommy?" meaning can I help you
you LOVE your big brother & best friend Carter.."Carter my friend."
You are so sweet to Gweny
You love MoMo's ( ones to be exact)
you love the color blue..anything you want, you want it in blue
You love gum, candy, any kind of treat
love Yo Gabba Gabba
you love to dance
you love to read books
you love it when songs are sung to you
you love to play outside
you love your mommy & daddy so much.....
we love YOU!!!
Happy Birthday Sawyer...Yeah you're 2!


Mema and PaPa said...

Happy Birthday to my Little Peanut! It was so much fun to see his adorable picture and read about all the things he loves. He is such a blessing to our family--he is so fun and so sweet. I wish I were there to give him a big hug and a kiss. We are so glad he was born two years ago. We love him tons! OX

THE MEYERS said...

Time flies....

Mom said...

How thoughtful of you to post these loving descriptions of Sawyer. I love my silly Sawyer! What a funny little guy he is. It will be fun to see how his personality develops as he gets older. What a sweet boy. I hope he had a blast at Disneyland today! :) Much love from Grammy.