Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lucky duck

Here i am at 34 weeks along with our little Finn. I can not believe that he will be here so soon. This pregnancy has been a good one with the usual aches, pains, and discomforts, but I am still enjoying being pregnant and feeling the HUGE kicks and rolling he does in there. Jono was the sweetest husband and decided to surprise me with a getaway saturday with just the two of us. He being thoughtful of me thought I needed a break before this bundle comes shortly. He set up for my parents to come and watch our kids the whole entire day, while we ran off to have a carefree, relaxing day. The highlight of the day was getting massages at THE RITZ CARLTON in Dana Point! Oh my gosh, that was amazing! Such a nice hotel and amazing massage. we had the most amazing view of the beach from the hotel. It was so picturesque. We followed the day with shopping, lunch, shopping, a yummy treat at Sprinkles, and had a yummy italian dinner at a cute little restraunt on Balboa Island, and enjoyed walking up and down the beach. This was exactly what I needed. I had so much fun being with my love all day just the two of us. Even though it was only a day away, that was plenty for me. I kept saying how I felt like I was on a vacation.(: I am so thankful for a sweet husband and for my parents and playing with my kids all day! Im feeling like a lucky duck.