Monday, October 19, 2009


Carter & Ella have a cute little friendship. They love being with eachother and for the most part play great with eachother. It is so fun cause Ella lives just around the corner, plus she goes to preschool with carter, and she is in our ward. We have been having weekly play dates. Ella & her mom, and Carter & I will walk down the street and meet up with Ella half way in between our houses. Ella will come play at our house, or carter will go to theirs. During this little play date we did halloween face painting. I tried my best.(: The two buds are so good about letting little Sawyer play with them. Its a good thing cause Sawyer is SMITTEN by Ella! He can't get enough of her. He is so happy when he is around her and all giddy. Just look at him in the pics below and you can tell how much he loves her. He's all smiles! (: What cute little friends!

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Mema and PaPa said...

How nice that Ella lives close and that they are good to include Sawyer. Good job on the face painting. You are such a fun Mommy! ILYT oxoxoxox