Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Digital Orange

When we were at my brothers house celebrating his birthday, his friend Mike Cunningham whipped out his camera and put his skills to use. Mike took some amazing photos of my kiddos. He's got some talent so if you want to check out his work click here. Thanks so much Mike!

Carter showing his Muscles

Sunday Pics & Jeff's Birthday!

Some cute pics right before church, except that we are missing our sweet Sawyer. He was taking his nap.

Mom.Gwen(3 months)
Carter.Mom. Gwen
Sawyer eating his hot dog at Jeff's Birthday BBQ
The Birthday Boy! We went to Jeff's house in Huntington to celebrate his big day! Martha put on quite the BBQ for his special day. We had fun being with him and my sisters family to celebrate him! Love ya Jeff!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lily Bop turns 5!

A few weeks ago we went to celebrate Lily Bop turning 5!! Brooke threw a fun Birthday pool party! We had lots of fun being with everyone while eating yummy food, listening to music, watching the kids swim & break the pinata. We love Lily so much! She is such a sweet heart and such a cute loving cousin and Neice! Happy Birthday to Lily Bop!

Lily making a wish!
Everyone hangin' in the spa!
All the kids after they broke the pinata and scrounged for the candy!
Carter getting ready to jump...
Carter so proud of himself after jumping off the diving board

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

fun in the sun with the slip n' slide!

A few weeks ago, my sister Kristina & her boys Mason & Owen came to hang out for the day. The boys had a blast playing on the slip n' slide! It was so fun to watch them have fun. Mason and Carter had a sleep over that night together at our house! They had so much fun together! They love each other so much! It's so fun to have your cousin as your buddy! Its crazy that these boys are getting old enough to have a sleep over! What a fun day in the sun with Mason and the slip n' slide!

Owen chessin' it
Mason & Carter racing
Carter having a grand ole' time
Mason getting ready
two cute boys

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Schools out for Summer!

Carter was not shouting for joy, when it was his last day of school on 6.10.09. If it were up to him school would be all summer long! Tuesdays and Thursdays were the highlight of his week. Waking up on those mornings were so exciting for him...he got to pick out his sharing day item, and he loved to get all dressed and "handsome" for preschool. (: IF you know Carter he loves to look good or I mean cool. So getting all dressed up, hair done and all, and even a little spritz of daddy's Cologne was a plus for carter. Then off to Preschool with Ella Ek, and his others buddies at school. He had an awesome teacher, Ms. Paula! He loved her so much! She had the cutest lesson plans with fun crafts that he would bring home everyday. Carter says his favorite thing about preschool was sharing time, and playing outside with his friends, Namely Brandon, Hunter & Ella! Carter had quite the year of preschool! We are so excited to have a fun filled summer ahead of us, but will be so excited when Carter gets to go back to Little Bugs Preschool with Ms. Paula & all his little buddies!

Carter lookin' oh so handsome for his last day of preschool!
Carter giving Sawyer a Brotherly Squeeze..they were laughing
So Sweet
Carter waving after his cute little class play about the little bugs preschool...he was a grasshopper!
Brandon. Carter. Hunter......his twin buddies!

Carter & Ms. Paula!