Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gwen's Home!

Carter waiting anxiously for us to get home with Gwen! He made these adorable signs with Grammy. When we opened the garage door these were hanging up on the garage door into the house!
Carter so excited to see his baby sister. He stood there in the door looking at her in the car seat. He kept saying in high pitched voice, " Hi baby Gwen, I love you Gwen!" "She's home!"

Sweet Sawyer warming up to Gwen giving her a sweet big brother kiss

Proud Mommy & Daddy!

More Visitors

Aunt Amy
Aunt Ashly


Carter & Gwen! Carter is so loving towards her! He is so proud of his baby sister!
Two Birthday Girls! So special for my mom and Gwen to share birthdays!
Papa & Gwen
Gwen.Uncle Jeff. Sawyer.Papa.Carter

The new big brother

Proud Papa & Grammy!

Happy Birthday Gwen..We love you!!

After water broke @ 4:30am on 3/22/09

leaving the house..smiling in between contractions! Ouch!

Happy & pain free!

Right after Gwen was born! Dr. Biter is amazing! Jono did a great job at assisting Dr. Biter..Jono is so proud to say he helped deliver Gwen!

So happy to be holding my little girl!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Gwen Nicole Collins

6lbs 8 oz 18"

Gwen is here

Gwen is coming!

Doctor just came in and said she is fully dilated plus 2. He said baby
is ready to come. The next post should be with baby. Let's do this!


Getting Closer

Contractions are starting to happen every couple minutes. She seems to
be progresing Shelly is a little nervous that her girl may be a boy.
A couple down the hall were told they were having a girl and it was
really a boy. Shelly is just so excited for her girl and she said if
she had a boy she would cry. We are getting anxiuos to see this baby


Shelly Resting Before Her Baby Girl Comes

Baby Gwen is coming

Shelly's water broke this morning at 4:30am. She started having
contractions right away. Luckily Shelly's parents were in town so we
called them to come watch the boys while we went to the hospital. We
showed up to Scripps Encinitas at about 5:30am. She was dilated to a
4-5 and 80% efaced so the nurse got her moving towards an epidural.
She had the epidural working by 6:45am. Since then she has been
continueing to have contractions but not as heavy and she hasn't
dilated past a 6. At about 9:00am the put her on pitosin to try and
move her along. It is 10:00am and she is just resting before the
action begins

Shelly Collins

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Jono!

Yesterday was Jono's 29th Birthday!! We are so happy and grateful that he is in our lives. He is such a good husband and Daddy! Carter and Sawyer love him so much and want to be just like him. They get so excited when he walks in the door from work. Jono is constantly doing kind, loving things for our family to make us happy. He is such a hard worker, and so dedicated in all that he does. We don't know what we would do without him! We love you so much Jono! You are so special to us, we hope you felt loved and special on your big day!

We are going to do some more celebrating on the weekend. Mommy and Daddy get to go out on a date for his birthday. Jono's sweet sister Amy is watching our boys for his birthday present.

Jono isnt a big fan of cake, so he had one of his new found favorite ice cream sandwiches! MMM! I wanted to make a big tiered ice cream sandwich cake but we weren't going to eat all of them, so he got a mini tower of ice cream sandwiches.

Fun with Cousins

Last week my sister, Kristina and her boys came down from Valencia to have some fun. Kris was coming down for my shower so she decided to make a sleepover out of it. Jono was nice and watched all 4 boys while my sister and I went to my shower. Thursday and friday we had fun just letting the boys play and run around together. My mom made them all matching capes a while back, so when they get together they love to all wear them and run around like super heros. They had so much fun, we just wish they lived a little bit closer to make it a little easier to see each other.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I am a child of God

Ever since I posted pics of Gwen's Nursery I have gotten comments on where I got my I am a child of God poster. Well I had an idea to make this poster, but didn't know how. So my talented sister in law, Ashly Lark put her skills to work and made this amazing poster for me. She is amazing at making her cute blog heads as I am sure most of you have seen, and creating other cute posters, etc. If you are interested in ordering a poster from Ashly , go to her blog and leave her a comment. You will love what she creates!! Such a fun, cute way to add color and decor to a room.