Friday, March 25, 2011

"Genny's Birthday!"

About a week before Gwen's actual birthday, Gwen had been going around saying. "Genny's Birthday!...Happy Birfday to Genny!" Anytime we were in a store and she wanted a toy, she would look up at me and say, "for Genny's Birfday?" She is obsessed with dogs, and was petting a dog while we were out on day, and said.."mom, Genny's Birfday?" I wish I could make her happy with Dog, but we've already tried having a dog.(: Gwen loved having a birthday. We had fun making this little squat pot 2 year old feel special. We love you to pieces Gwen. You are our special little girl!

Gwen all dolled up to go out to dinner with Grammy and Papa for Her and my mom's birthday.
(Gwen is the one that had the idea to wear her glasses, bracelets, and purse...such a girl!)
Birthday Girl's...Gwen and my mom share the same birthday!
Sawyer.Gwen: the morning of Gwen's birthday!
(don't mind sawyers wet slobber spot on his shirt from sucking his thumb, and the closed eyes..(: )
The big 2 year old getting all pretty for her birthday
I wasn't really feeling up to throwing a big party, so we just did a BBQ at our pool and invited our close family friends. I made a few cupcakes, and brought a few of her decorations from her room to make it look more like a party. She sure felt special and thought she had a fun "party!"
Gwen being shy and embarrased as we sang happy birthday to her..this girl has got a personality, how does she know she is on the spot and to be embarrassed.

after a fun swim in the pool, getting warm by the fire
Gwen. carter.curren.sawyer.shea.linden

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Valentines Day at the Zoo

The kids got a fun Valentines from my mom and got to go to the zoo! They loved every second of it. They loved the Gorilla's the best! Thanks grammy..we had a fun day with you!