Wednesday, February 20, 2008


It was the sweetest thing ever when carter saw Goofy. HE lite right up..he walked right up to him and gave him a big hug and just stood there for like 1 minute just hugging him. He didnt want to let go. He is kind of in aww that he was seeing goofy in real life since he is so used to seeing him on Mickey Mouse Club House. He had a shocked look on his face kind of like the one in the pic. He then gave him a kiss on the cheek. That made his whole day to see Goofy!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Fun Wallpaper!!

I have been looking for a cute retro wallpaper for a while now and finally found one.It has a little town & City pattern on it with trees and little roads. Jono was so sweet and willing to put it up today. I think he was actually enjoying doing it.(: I helped him out for the first half, and then had to go and tend to the little kiddies so he ended up doing the rest by himself. He did such a good job! I was so impressed at his wallpapering skills ( I think he was too). Jono was also so sweet to let me get the Transportation wall art from Dwell that I posted about a little bit ago. I had been telling him how much I liked it for a while that he gave in and said, "sure why not". I love this room now!! Thanks Jono for spending your day wallpapering. You made me so happy and excited!! Love ya.

Watch out Denmark here comes Sister Brown!!!!!

My younger sister Lauren just got her Mission call to Denmark, Copenhagen!!!!Go Lauren!! We are so excited for her and so jealous that she gets to go to Denmark!! She is going to be an AWESOME missionary!!We love the fact that we will have a sister that can speak Danish! She is so pumped...the people of Denmark will love her so much! Lauren got her call when she was in Provo and waited to open it until she got here in California to open it with family. We all gathered at my sisters house in Valencia for laurens big grand moment!! We put guesses on a map of where we thought she was going. Little carter man guessed right. He pointed to it's not Denmark but Greenland is in Denmark's mission! We thought it was pretty funny that a little 2 year old guessed where lauren is going. We are going to miss Lauren so much but know she is going to be a great Missionary and love spreading the gospel! I look up to Lauren and love her so much! Love you... soon to be Sister Brown!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

So Happy & Excited....future Sister Brown!!!!



Saturday, February 16, 2008

Love the Bumbo!

Sawyer loves sitting in his BUMBO! His legs tend to get a stuck in it when lifting him out but I guess we just have to get used to that.(: He is growing so fast and doing so many fun new little things. THanks Mema for the great BUMBO!

Super Cross Fans!

We have become quite the super cross fans. I grew up around motorcycles and going to the super cross and motocross because of my brother and dad. since my brother lives close by he gets us excited to go to ALL the super cross events here in Cali. Carter is only 2 1/2 and is already a crazed super cross fan. He loves the motorcycles and hangin' with his daddy and uncle Jeff! I try to go to as many as I can but sometimes stay back with Sawyer when we cant get a babysitter. Carter loves his daddy...they are so cute together.


hard core supercross fan (: