Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Trip to Gramma's House!

So this past week, Carter and I went to Denver to visit Gramma. My mom was babysitting my Nephew Mason while my sister and her husband went to St. Thomas. So my mom flew me out so Mason would have Carter to play with. We had tons of fun. Everyday was filled with fun. The boys had so much fun just having eachother to play with. They loved laying on this toddler bed together to watch a movie, but the bed soon turned into a trampoline and something to jump off of. IT was pretty funny to watch. We went to this little farm museum, that took place in the 1860's and 1890's. There are tons of animals and old historic things to look at. You really feel like you are in that time. There are even people acting as if they live on the farm and doing the daily farm things they did back then. The boys loved the donkeys, cow, chickens, lambs, but there favorite thing was the litte farm cat. They couldn't get enough of it. We spent most of the time chasing the boys around as they were chasing the cat. We also went on the Choo Choo train. Well kind of, since the boys love train rides we decided to take them on the local lite rail. We bought some tickets and stayed on it for 15minutes, got off and got back on the other train and headed back . THey loved it. They thought it was a really choo choo like Thomas the Train.
Everynight they chomped on a yummy ice cream cone after dinner. They thought that was the coolest thing ever. The reason they are naked in the pic. is because we were going to give them a bath and then decided to give them there treat before there bath. They thought it was so fun to eat there ice cream out on the porch in there little chairs. We had tons of fun and miss Gramma and Mason.

snuggle snuggle!
Chicken...come out and play!
I love this cat!
Hee Haw!
eating ice cream naked, what?
at the park

Adventure on the lite rail

Monday, May 14, 2007

ITS A BOY!!!!!

Carter is going to have a baby brother!! Although he may not understand, he is going to be so excited to have someone to share and play cars, trucks, trains, etc. It will be so fun to see Carter and this next little guy be little buds. They will be 26 months apart. I am feeling like that is the perfect age span. I did want them to be closer in age originally, but now that I am thinking about it this will be close enough. We are excited and can't wait until he gets here. We have a long time to go, but counting down. The next thing on our list is to come up with a name. This is going to be a tough one. I will be posting more pics. Jono just got me a new camera for Mothers Day so I will be putting that to use. Yeah for BOYS!