Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Love this SQUIRT!!!

For all you Moms out there at the stage of feeding your little one baby food, you NEED to have The SQUIRT: made by BOON. This feeding gadget has made feeding so much easier. The SQUIRT is so easy to use: Pour food in the orange handle, screw on the plastic spoon, squeeze the orange handle: food will squirt onto the spoon, then feed it to your little one. It allows you to just use one hand instead of two, mess free (for the most part), easy to wash, great for on the go, and very modern and cool. (: I got mine at Babies R US for $6.99. Good price and totally worth it. Go get one now!

NYC here we come!!

So excited right now, cause tomorrow we leave for NYC to go visit Ash.Andrew. & Bennett!! Yeah see you guys tomorrow night!! We Can't wait!!!


Happy 7 months Sawyer!! You are the sweetest little baby. We love you so much!! We are so blessed and Lucky to have you in our family. We love your big sweet smile, your little giggle, your calm.sweet.gentle. happy nature about you, and love that you are our little boy!

Sawyer went to the doctor today, and...

Weight: 20 lbs (90%)
Height: 29 in. (95%) Where did that come from? (:

What can we say...he's a healthy little love bug!

Oops forgot some...

Just a few more pics from this past week.

Carter and Grammy

Story time with Grammy

Going to Church....Blowing a Dandelion.

Squeaky Clean...Carter got a new fire truck bath towel from Grammy, so he wanted to show it off.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fun Weekend!

We had such a fun relaxing weekend being with Grammy, Papa, and Jeff. My Dad had business here in San Diego so my mom came along to hang out. We had lots of fun just being with family. I love it when my parents come to visit!

My Mom is so cute with the boys. So fun to see my parents be a Grammy and a Papa

Mothers Day

I am so lucky to be a MOM to 2 of the sweetest boys. I feel so blessed and special to be their MOM. Mothers Day was an emotional one for me this year. I gave a talk in church that day on the blessings of MOTHERS. LEt me tell you it is not easy giving a talk on mothers day. I was so emotional having to talk about Mothers, My Mother and being a mother. Such a sensitive subjejct, especially on MOTHERS DAY. It went pretty good though, and I learned a lot after preparing and giving the talk. THanks to my wonderful MOM, she gave the great idea for my talk. She is so amazing, loving, kind, selfless, etc. I love her so much, and so thankful she is my mom and always there for me. After I got through church, We went to dinner at the Larks house. Ashly, Andrew and Bennett were in town so we were able to join them and Andrews family for Dinner. Thanks Larks! We had such a yummy dinner and lots of fun just hanging out. We walked down the street to see the horses, which Carter Loved! The girl there even let the kids ride the horse. That made Carters day! I love watching his cute facial expressions when he is excited and feels cool!! I love my boys, including Jono they made me feel like a great MOM and Wife.

Like Father Like Son!

Ride em Cowboy!

Sawyer and Bennett

Spring in full bloom

The boys and I went to the Carlsbad Flower Fields last week for our fun little activity for the day. The flowers were so pretty and bright. Carter liked the flowers but loved the red tractor and the play ground the best!! I was so sad cause my camera died after just a few pics, so I didnt get to get all the cute pics of the boys in the flowers. Oh well there's always next year. Love Spring time!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Sunday pics

Sunday pics...except we are missing our sweet little Carter. He fell asleep in the car on the way home, so he went straight to bed.

Such cute boys...I have a hot husband!

100th Post

We went to the beach to watch daddy surf. He was amazing he was shredding the big 8 foot waves..he is a really fast learner. Well..not quite.(: He is still learning, but I admire him for trying so hard. He usually goes with his friends who are all really good at surfing, but he still gets out there and trys. The waves were huge that day though so he didnt get much in that day but he still got out there and tried. He will get it some day..practice, practice, practice. He's a stud! Love ya Jono.
little Carter Man

watching Daddy surf it up

Jono giving it his best and learning how to Surf!