Friday, February 20, 2009

Like Mother like Daughter!

All growing up I have always been told that I look a lot like my mom. By people we knew as well as people we didn't know. Well I decided to do a little change to my hair and go dark, which i am having lots of fun with. Well you see the outcome, now my mom and I look like twins!! I am laughing at this picture of my mom, because she usually wouldn't wear this HUGE, ENORMOUS flower in her hair. I asked her to take a picture of herself on photo booth and send it to me so we could see how much we look a like, now that we have the same hair. So when I got the email from her, I couldn't stop laughing because its totally not my mom to wear this flower in her hair, keep in mind that its huge! She ran in my sisters room and grabbed the flower off of a bouquet of fake flowers so she could look just like me in the picture. I love it mom! You are so cute and pretty funny! I am my Mothers daughter for sure now with our look a like hair!! Love you Mom!!

Two buds playin' together

Carter with his Bud/Cousin Porter

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine Fun!

My Cute friend Rachael had the cutest idea to have a Valentine cookie frosting party. It was so fun to take a couple of hours with out kids (thanks to Amy), to hang out with friends and make Valentine cookies for our families. Rachael was such a cute host and had everything all perfect for us. She even had us make the paper flowers to put on our wrapped cookies. It was such a fun Valentines Cookie party with all the girls! Thanks Rach for such a fun afternoon, and thanks Amy for watching my boys!!

wrapped with love

The whole Mommy Gang & our yummy valentines

Rachael (the cute hostess) & Me

Ash& Me

Rachael, Myles & Katie

Friday, February 6, 2009

I Tag...

Oops I forgot to Tag some friends.

Kristina Miller
Jeff Brown
Sally Jensen
Marissa Redder
Samye Peterson
Rachael Waite


I was Tagged by sister in law Erin...THis is the 6th file in my photo album and 6th picture, and this is what I got....

This is us in November of 2004. We were at my parents house in Denver for Thanksgiving. We were just hanging around in the family room talking and having fun with my family. I was barely pregnant with Carter.

Monday, February 2, 2009

31 weeks Prego!

Here is the belly 31 weeks pregnant! Its definitely getting bigger. We have for sure decided on Gwen Nicole Collins for our little girl. Although Carter is still insisting on Kate. He usually corrects me when I call her Gwen, and says, " No Mom, its Kate not Gwen!" He is so excited to have a little sister. Both boys are so sweet with little babies. I am so excited to have Gwen come into our family, she is going to be smothered with love and kisses.