Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back to Little Bugs 9.9.09

It was Carters 1st day back for his 2nd year of preschool at Little Bugs!
Carter was more than ready to head on back to Little bugs preschool with Miss Paula! His first day back was a success. He came home with a big smile on his face! He loves his preschool. It is so nice to have him back on a set schedule and routine. Carter was so excited to wear his new shirt and shorts on his 1st day of school. Sawyer also got a new outfit, so he could feel special too. Yeah for Preschool!


Mom said...

Carter and Sawyer look older every time you post a pic! (love the cheesy posed grins) I'm so glad you've found a preschool that Carter loves. Next year Sawyer will be in preschool! :) Cute brothers.

Mema and PaPa said...

Those boys look so stinkin' handsome in their very cool outfits. I love how they are so loving to each other. I bet Sawyer misses Carter while he is at school.
ILYT oxox

AMIT said...

Cute pictures and the date 09-09-09 will not come now.

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