Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sawyers favorite thing....


love these chubby little legs!

I can't tell you how many times Sawyer walks into the bathroom gets his tooth brush and tooth paste out of his stool and climbs up and yells for me to turn on the water. He loves to stand up on his stool and put his tooth brush under the water and then put it in his mouth over and over. He also loves the taste of his baby tooth paste. He wants that all the time too. He is so cute looking like a big boy brushing his teeth!

Carters favorite thing....


Carter is on the black team, which he was happy about, cause he think black is a cool color.

He stole the ball...

Carter hustling to make a goal...he didn't make it but he sure tried hard!

So for Christmas, one of Carter's Christmas presents was a soccer ball and a certificate saying he was signed up to play Soccer on a real soccer team! THis past saturday was his first practice/game! The day before Carter and I went out and bought him some oh so cool black soccer cleats!!! Oh my gosh little did I know this was going to be his new obsession! The second we got home he wanted to wear them in the house. He couldn't stop looking at them and admiring them. He said "I have cool, black soccer cleats like my daddy!" , "Daddy will like these cause they are black and have just a lil' bit of white on them.", "I can run really fast with these on!", "They have spiky things on the bottom, thats why I run fast with them." Carter had many other comments about his cool SOCCER CLEATS! Wow, he was so happy and excited to have his own cleats and to start soccer. That night when I put him to bed, I had his soccer shoes and ball laid out on the ground ready for his big soccer day the next day. I said good night and walked out. Jono and I began watching a movie, when I said," wait stop the movie, I think I hear carter talking to himself." I went to go and peak on him and found him with his little reading light on by his bed and his soccer shoes up on the ledge by his bed just starring at them and talking about them to himself. Keep in mind he sleeps on the top bunk of a bunk bed, so that means he snuck down off of the top bunk got his soccer cleats and brought them back up with him so he could look at them and admire them! I thought that was the cutest thing ever! I couldn't make out what he was saying cause he was trying to talk so quietly, but I'm sure he was just going off about how cool they are, and that they are black and have spiky things on the bottom, etc.! So yes these happen to be Carters absolute favorite thing right now. He wants to wear them all the time!! Carter had his game on saturday and loved it! He did really good for his first time playing on a team, not to mention it is hilarious to watch a team full of 3 & 4 year olds run around. I am so glad we signed him up and glad he is loving it! He is my little cu-tie, it will be fun for the next 6 weeks being a soccer mom and cheering him on!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years

For New Years we had a fun party at our friends Cabana Club. We played guitar hero, kids had a jump house provided by the Yates-so fun!, ate lots of food, and had fun talking. Happy New Year everyone! Crazy that another year is starting.

Jeff Yates and Sawyer

Home Improvements

So Jono kept busy busy busy over his 2 week Christmas Vacation. He spent just about every day doing stuff on our house. He is so sweet to do all of these things. He loves to do it though. He says he would rather stay busy than just lay around. I love everything he did. He really is amazing and I love him so much!!

Jono and his friend Aaron spent a couple days putting up my favorite subway tiles in our kitchen. I have been wanting subway tiles in our kitchen forever. Jono and Aaron were so nice and spuratically did it over the holiday vacation.

Here is our baby girls room. I still have a lot more decorating to do, but am really excited about the wallpaper and the paneling that Jono did. I will post other pics when it is all done.

Jono did this paneling from scratch. I love it and am so lucky to have a husband that can do so many handy things.

WE got a new bunk bed for Carter and Sawyer now that we have baby #3 coming and taking over Sawyers crib. Carter loves sleeping on the top bunk! THis is now Sawyers 2nd night sleeping in his big boy bed. We wanted to get a head start on training him to sleep in a bed. He is doing pretty good. Lets see if it lasts.

Jono put in new closets for the boys room and babys room. We found these cupboards at IKEA that happened to fit in the space of our closets perfectly. I love them..they are great for organizing the boys clothes, toys, and other junk.

A Merry Christmas Morning

Christmas this year was a little different for us, but so fun! THis year we had our own Christmas at our house. It was low key, but nice to just hang out and be with our little family. It will be fun to start up our own Christmas traditions throughout the years with our little kids. Even though we had fun having our first Christmas alone at our house, we still missed all of our family members during the Christmas Season!

Their big Christmas surprise!!

Jono made a gate in our fence going into our friends yard now that Carter and Sawyer have a swing set & Shea and Curren got a trampoline for Christmas. The boys run back and fourth playing. The Robinsons (close friends) live right next door.

Pooped out after a fun day

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Eve Fun

Christmas Eve we had such a fun time at The Flakes home! We had a yummy Christmas dinner of Phil's(Jono's Dad) famous noodles, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, homemade rolls, salad, yummy appetizers, etc. Brooke did a great job at making the noodles for the first time! The kids had a fun time dancing away to Christmas music and acting out the Nativity. They were all so cute! They all opened up their Christmas Jammies so they could wear them together and get ready for Santa to come that night. It is always so fun to get together with cousins and siblings. Thanks Flakes for hosting such a fun Christmas Eve.
Carter & Daddy

Sawyer & Bennett dancing away

having a christmas dance party

Sawyer & Bennett eating yummy noodles and mash potatoes for Christmas Eve dinner

All of the cute kids acting out the Nativity

Sawyer loving Porters doggy Max (as the Sheep)

Carter & Lily (Joseph & Mary) holding hands looking at baby Jesus

Cousins all cozy in their Christmas Jammies.