Friday, December 14, 2007

December Pics.

Just some pics of my cute boys lately. Carter loved making the Gingerbread house. I think he ate more candy instead of putting it on the house. Oh well thats the fun of it, right? Little Sawyer is getting so big now. He is lots of fun though and so sweet. Carter is so excited for Santa Clause to come and cant stop talking about how he is going to get a digger tractor from santa. So fun and exciting for the little ones..and me! (: Hope you all have a great Christmas!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Sawyers Blessing Day!

Our baby boy was blessed on Sunday. What a sweet, special, cute little guy he is. I am so blessed to have a second little boy. The whole day was a special day. Jono gave a good blessing...I hear. Right when Jono started blessing Sawyer, Carter jabbed a marker cap in his eye, and started to screaming! I sat there for a second trying to muffle his cry so I could stay and hear the blessing but he was screaming so loud I had to rush him out so it wouldnt disturb the blessing. So I missed the whole blessing. I was so bummed and sad. Non the less I know Jono gave a great blessing.THe Millers, Flakes, brother Jeff and the Robinsons were there. The day was great! We love Sawyer so much and are so happy he is our precious little boy. We are so blessed.