Friday, November 30, 2007

Arizona Thanksgiving!

We had lots of fun spending Thanksgiving with family in AZ. We stayed at Jono's parents house with his other siblings. We missed THe Larks and The Collins though. We had fun getting involved in the Turkey Waddle. We ran 3.2 miles for Noah and Jill Tylers little nephew who has cancer. I am glad we could be apart of it to help his family raise money. HE is such a cute little boy. It felt so good to run after not running for a month b/c of just having a baby. Carter rode his scooter for about 2 miles and then had a break down because he was soo tired. I can't believe that he rode that far on his little scooter..what a little champ. Sawyer had fun riding in the stroller while I pushed him. We also had fun going to the AZ temple lights. So pretty. I have never seen so many lights on temple grounds before. Carter loved all the lights. We had a fun, memorable Thanksgiving. We are so Thankful for all that we have!

Carter at the starting line

Sawyer breakin' a sweat

Cleanin' up after Thanksgiving Dinner

Our little family

The whole Gang

Daddy and Carter hopping up the stairs