Thursday, April 22, 2010

Strawberry pickin'

Sawyer proud of what he picked
Carter with his mound of strawberries
Carter in the pretty field of strawberries
strawberry fields
Gwen sneakin' one
Sawyer sitting by his hard earned strawberries
On Tuesday we got together with some other moms and kids in the ward to go strawberry pickin'! The Carlsbad Strawberry fields are so close to my house. I have always wanted to go there with the kids, and we finally made it after 4 years of living here. We had so much fun picking the perfect red, ripe juicy ones. The boys each had there own cup to fill, and they did a good job. Gwen had so much fun being a big girl and picking some for herself.(: She was lovin' it! We are already talking about going back for some more strawberry pickin' fun. Yes, they are already ALL gone!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

dirt bike fun!

Jono bought Carter this little red dirt bike a couple months back. Carter, Sawyer and Jono have been going up to the park by our house and practicing on the big grass field. I usually dont go because I am taking care of Gwen. Well this time Carter wanted to show Papa and Grammy his skills up at the park since they were in town and hadn't seen him ride it either and I wanted to go along too. To my surprise, Carter hopped right on his dirt bike and rode around on the grass like it was nothing. He is a natural at it. He says when he is bigger he wants to be in the real Moto X. (: Im fine with him putting around on his little dirt bike for now. (: Sawyer and Gwen wanted a ride too, and I was feeling a little left out of the fun so decided to hop on. (: We had a fun little evening.

its the little things...

I love me some fresh colorful flowers, along with a yummy smelling candle, and a fun print. It helps make my kitchen just a little bit more fun. This liberty of london candle is so yummy and has a very cute cover to put on when your not using the candle. My SIL, Ashly made this cute little poster, she's got some talent. It's the little things that make a difference.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

sneak peak

I am so excited to share a couple sneak peak pics of my crazy, cute kiddos from our photo shoot (that I won on her blog) with Jylare! The first picture depicts exactly how they were acting. I love it! Jylare did an amzing job capturing my kids personalities. All 3 of my kids were extra crazy and hyper that day we met with Jylare. They must have really liked her, because when they like someone that is their time to start showing off in a wild hyper way. Jylare was so good with the camera and so good with my kiddos. I am so happy I got this opportunity to have her snap some pics of my family, and to have met her. She is so sweet and fun. Thank you so much Jylare! We can't wait to see the rest of them. Go take a look at her work to see just how good she is. I'll be posting more soon!