Monday, June 30, 2008

Newport Beach!

Little, old men relaxing at the beach (:

Little Owey!!

Girls Night Out! Our Last time all together, LoLo leaves on her Mission to Copenhagen on Wednesday!!!!! We Love her!

LoLo...we are going to miss this fun, sweet girl...I mean Sister Brown.

Happy 28th Jeff!! Lauren Made this adorable motorcycle cake for nice of her!

The little boys were so excited to give Jeff Candy...mostly just so they could eat it!

WALLE!! They were so excited to see this cute movie

Every year my family meets up for our family vacation in Newport Beach. We had so much fun going to the pool, beach, hanging out together, eating good food, and just relaxing. My parents are so generous to provide such a fun vacation! Thanks so much MOM and DAD!! We loved being there with you! It was also Jeffs Birthday while we were there. We had a fund day having a yummy breakfast at RUBY's DINER, seeing WALLE, hanging out at the pool, and then having yummy steaks and a cute cake made by Lauren. Happy Birthday Jeff! YOu are such a great brother and friend. I love ya tons! This is also a bitter sweet time cause it was our last time being together as a whole family. My sister Lauren (LoLo) is leaving on her Mission to Copenhagen, Denmark on Wednesday! We are going to miss her so much but we know that she is going to be a wonderful sister missionary. She has such a strong testimony and has such a go getter attitude. The people will love her bubbly, loving, caring, friendly personality. We Love you so much Lauren!! We will be thinking of you on Wednesday when you go into the MTC!! WAHOO for SISTER BROWN!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fun. Sunny. Day

We met up with Rachael and Cute little Myles today at the Spectrum. We had fun riding the train, and playin' in the water, and of course us Mommies got a little bit of shopping in. IT was fun Rach! We will have to do it again soon...Thanks for meeting us!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bath Time Fun

I was washing off Sawyer after he ate dinner and carter came and hopped right in the sink with Sawyer. They think its so fun to sit in the sink and play with the water.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Swim Suit Season

On the hunt for a cute one piece for summer time...


We went to Lily's 4th B-day Party. We had a fun day swimming, hitting the pinata, eating yummy food, and just having fun with family. Carter was so excited to go to Lily's party. He loves being with Lily and Porter! Thanks Flakes for the fun day! We love spending time with you!!

I forgot my camera, so thanks Brooke for the pic. (:

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cute Boys!

Love this little profile!

Playing in their secret hide out tunnel...go away mom...boys only.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

We love our Dads!

Happy fathers Day! We love you guys so much! We hope you know how much we love and appreciate all you do for us! Wish we could give you big hugs! You are special Dads! XOXO

Happy Fathers Day!

This video is pretty cute...Jono taught Carter where all the different car parts were on his truck. Carter new where everything was after a quick mechanics 101 class with his Daddy.

Happy Fathers Day Jono! You are such a sweet, loving, fun Daddy. Your 2 little boys love you so much!! They are so lucky to have you as their Daddy. It is the cutest thing ever to watch you and Carter hang out together. He wants to do everything the same as his Daddy. He even has to dress the same as you. Even if you are standing with your hands in your pocket, he will stick his hands in his pocket and stand there, and the list goes on. You are so good to let Carter tag along and work on all of your different house projects, mow the lawn, fix the car, wash the car, etc. He eats it all up and loves every second with you. YOu are so sweet with Sawyer, it will just be that much more fun when Sawyer is older and you can do all of those fun boy things with the 2 of your boys. You do so much for our family, and make us so happy. From working hard at work, to working on endless "house projects", to do fun activites with us. You are so good to help out with diaper changes, feedings, bedtime rituals, etc. You are right there involved in it all. We couldn't have asked for a better Daddy/husband than you. I hope you felt special today and know that we love you so much and think "YOU ROCK"!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Our Last Day in NYC

In front of New York Temple

I dont know what happened but the pictures got out of order. Well Tuesday was our last day in NYC, but we definitely made it a fun one. Ashly and I started out the day going to Regis and Kelly! Kim Cattrall was on, and we also got to see David Cook, the American Idol. It was pretty fun to see him sing especially after watching the whole season of American Idol. He seemed really nice and sounded good while singing. Thanks to my Dad who was so nice to get the Regis & Kelly tickets and Good Morning America tickets. He is so good about getting me tickets to fun events. Thanks again Dad! We had a tons of fun! After the show Ashly and I walked by the Temple which was right next door. It looked a lot like the surrounding buildings except that it had the special Angel Moroni on top. I love seeing the NYC Temple. Such a special place. We then met up with Jono and Andrew for breakfast! It was pretty cute to see the guys walk in to the restraunt with all the kids in strollers and baby pacs in all. Such a great sight. (: We had such a yummy breakfast!! We walked around to a few shops and then had to head back to get packed up to make our journey back home to Cali. We had such a fun filled time with the Lark family in NYC. They were so good to take us all around the city all day every day. Thanks for putting up with us and being great hosts in your adorable home.We miss you and Love you guys, we will see you in a few weeks at the Beach!

Celebrating Andrew's B-day

While we were in NY it was Andrew's B-day. We went out for a yummy italian dinner which we scarfed down, and then Andrew and Ashly went to a Movie. P.S. carter loved the balsamic vinegar so much he started drinking it with his straw.(: Andrew is a such great Brother-in-law, we had lots of fun hanging out with him and glad we could be there to celebrate his big 26.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Sunday at Central Park

Today was such a pretty day! Such nice weather in NY. We started out the day going to Ashly and Andrew's ward. It was fun seeing where they go to church every sunday. After church we relaxed, and took Ruby on a little walk around the block. Carter loved walking Ruby and being in charge of the leash. He was very good and cautious at walking Ruby. Later on in the day we went to Central park and let the boys play in the grass. Little Carter missed out and slept the whole way to Central Park, and the whole time we were there. Sawyer and Bennett had fun though playing and enjoying being outside.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Soho. Bathtime. Broadway show 5.24.08

Today we went to Soho. We had fun walking around and looking at all the many, fun stores and eating yummy food. All 3 little boys were so good and patient while we shopped, etc. Little Sawyer didn't even make a peep that day. He was either sleeping or when he was awake he was happy. So great! After a long day of walking around when we got home we gave the kids baths and all ready for bed. Ash and Andrew were so nice to watch Carter and Sawyer while Jono and I went to see Legally Blonde on Broadway. It was actually really good! Very entertaining and funny. We loved it. It was fun to have a fun date night with my love. Thanks Ash and Andrew for watching the boys. All in all it was another fun adventurous day in New York.