Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Carter's Birthday Extravaganza!

So Carter had quite the Birthday week! From Grammy coming to town and spoiling him, to a small party with friends, and a little party with the Millers(my sister)! He started to get confused to which day was hi real birthday, but he really didn't care, just as long as he had friends, familly, cake, and a few presents..he was a happy birthday boy! My mom came in town at the last minute the week before his birthday just to hang out. We went to Sea World for his birthday from Grammy, which he loved. HE even got to take home a shamu stuffed animal, which I would never usually let him do, but Grammy was nice and bought it for him. Grammy was then so nice and made him the cutest Super Hero cape! I helped just a little bit. We call it his "SUPER C" Cape. HE loves running around the house acting like Dash from incredibles, buzz light year, super man, etc. Sawyer even got a Super S cape! THey look so cute together! Thanks Grammy! The boys loved having their Grammy in town for just a couple of days, she spoiled them rotten and loves them so much!!
Over the weekend before Carters birthday we had a little family party with my sister and her family (The Millers) in Huntington. We went to Prehistoric Pets first so the boys could see all the reptiles. They got to see some crazy, big, but cool reptiles, they loved it. We went there last year for carters birthday too, but Mason (carters cousin) didn't get to go last year so we thought we would do it again. We then headed to the park in huntington and had carters cool motorcycle cake. That's all he cared about, is if he got his motorcycle cake, and his motorcycle bike! He had been talking about how he wanted a "motorcycle party" ever since his uncle Jeff got a cool motorcycle cake for his birthday. I tried my best to make the same cake my sister Lauren made for my brother Jeff, but she did way better. By the time it was time to eat the cake, the frosting was kind of melting off and it was looking a little beat up. Oh well, he still loved it. He had so much fun with his cousin mason being silly together. It's always fun to get together with my sister and her family!
Lastly Carter had a fun little friends get together at PlayWerx. He had so much fun and loves being with his little friends. We only had a few friends but it was still lots of fun. He had quite the birthday week and loved all of his celebrations! He loves being 3 years old now! What a big boy! I love my carter man!!

I know this is so long, but I had to record it for memories.

Grammy, Sea World & Super Hero's!

Little Friends get together at PlayWerx!

Prehistoric Pets & The Park W/ The Millers!!

Carter and Mason on a motorcycle ride

Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Carter....3 years old!!!

A big 3 years old!!

Happy Birthday my sweet little carter!! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!! We were so blessed that you came into our family 3 years ago!! You bring us so much joy! You have always been such a loving, sweet little guy. 3 years has gone by way too fast, but I have had the best time being your mommy!! I love your big hugs and sweet kisses you give me often. At 3 years old you love to..... play motorcycles, cars, ride your new cool motorcycle bike, ride your scooter, play super hero's with your "super C" cape, going on walks, going to the park, going swimming, washing and fixing cars with daddy, and pretty much anything boys like. You are such a sweet big brother! Sawyer thinks you are the best brother ever!! He loves you so much! You are so special to me and your Daddy. We are so proud of you and the fun, smart, sweet, happy boy you are. We hope you feel like one special big boy today! We cherish you and love you so much!!! Happy Birthday my 3 year old Carter Man!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My so called "Laundry Room"

Since I don't have a "Laundry Room", and our washer and dryer are in our garage...I decided to make it some what of a fun, enjoyable place to do laundry. Not that laundry is fun but it makes it that much better. I'm thinking of adding a few little things, but I love having my little laundry nook in the garage. Sorry the picture is really bad. Something is wrong with our camera. It just wants to take blurry pictures. But you can get the idea.

Friday, August 1, 2008

A happy 5 years!

5 years ago I married the love of my life. I am one lucky girl to have Jono as my husband! He is so sweet, caring and loving! He does so many endless acts of love and kindness for me. These past 5 years have been the happiest 5 years of my life so far. Jono is an amazing husband and Daddy!! I love you so much are so special to me and I am so blessed to have you in my life!! I can't wait for another happy 5 years and more ahead of us!! I love you so much...XOXOXOXO