Tuesday, September 7, 2010

loves her family

I love it when I find Gwen looking up at the pictures of our family, and just standing there staring at them. I love it even more when she gets on her tip toes and points out everyone in our family and says their name. She does this quit often. Im glad I caught her doing this...she must love her family...and we love her.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

1st day of kindergarten

looking good and ready to go
showing off his backpack
cute boy
carter. mom
sawyer(love the face).Grammy.Carter
My mom was so sweet and came up with my sister to say bye to carter on his first day, and also to watch sawyer and gwen so I could walk carter school. It was a fun and exciting morning!
carter.mom: walking to school
waiting for ella
carter.ella walking to class
best friends: Ella.Carter
These two are way too cute together
silly boy
I can hardly believe that the day came for my little boy to head off to his first day of Kindergarten. It felt like this day was far in the future, but really it came so fast. But its also a good thing! Carter is so excited to be in Kindergarten! Kindergarten is 1/2 day here so we decided to enroll him in the pm schedule. It works perfect for our schedule. He is so lucky and has his bestfriend & neighbor, Ella in his class with him. They walk to and from school everyday together. It is so fun to see them excited about going to school each and every day. Carter loves his teacher Ms. MacMitchell, and comes home telling me new things they do and learn. We are so happy that he loves it and is doing well so far. Yeah for Kindergarten, we are proud of you carter!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shark Boy is 5!

Carter finally turned 5!
Carter was so excited to turn 5. He had been talking about his 5th b-day for months prior. We decided on a fun SHARK party for him. He loves Shark boy and Lava girl, so i thought perfect, sharks it is. I had lots of fun planning out his party and thinking of all the details.We decided to do a big family party since we have all my family here and Jono has almost all his family here.Carters lucky to have most of his family around to celebrate him. I am so lucky to have my SIL, Ashly, who is absolutely amazing, make all the little shark design labels for the water bottles, bags, cute birthday banner, and T's. Everything turned out so cute!! AND...my sister, Lauren has some amazing skills at cake decorating!! A few years ago she took up cake decorating as a hobbie, and has become so good at it!!! She was so nice and sweet and made all of the adorable, cute, detailed Shark and life preserver cupcakes. They were absolutely perfect for the party, and gave it that perfect final touch. I guess I am one lucky girl to have 2 family members that have got some good skills! The party turned out so cute and lots of fun! We did fun water games, pin the fin on the shark, had a shark pinata, and had a BBQ.
It was a fun day celebrating our Carter! We love you Carter!

The party display
shark shirts, candy & shark cupcakes!
The perfect shark & life preserver cupcakes!!
so cute..thanks lauren!

Shark shirts for all the kids..just ironed on all the shark designs Ashly made!
shark water bottles

lily girl
The birthday boy!
showing off his shark
cute bennett
scarlett and her cupcake
playing pin the fin on the shark...my dad was so nice and drew that shark.
Birthday boy taking a swing
sawyers turn
the kids in their cute shark shirts...we were missing half the group.
Thanks everyone for making Carter feel so special!!