Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy 23rd Soster Brown 10.12.09

Happy Birthday to my amazing, fun, loving, talented, faithful, dedicated, hard working sister, Lauren, aka: Soster Brown! Soster Brown just turned 23 on monday (10.12)! She is only 2 months away from coming home from serving an amazing Mission in Copenhagen, Denmark! She has served so faithfully and has loved every second of her mission. She is such an example to me, I love reading her weekly letters and hearing all about her experiences as a missionary. I miss my younger sister so much, and am counting down the days till she comes home.
Love you tons Lauren, I am so glad you had a special birthday! You are an amazing Missionary!

We love LoLo...Soster Brown!

Soster Brown getting her Birthday Package!

Soster Brown wearing her birthday gifts...isn't she so cute?!
Us girls being princesses
Shelly & Lauren (LoLo)...don't you just love our matching overalls.(:


diane said...

I remember those little princesses. You have both grown up to be lovely women.

I can't believe she will be home so soon. She is amazing.

The Collins said...

p.s. Soster is how you say Sister in Danish, Im not just cluesless and spelling the word wrong. (:

THE MEYERS said...

I love these old photos!! So many memories of those times.... miss you.

Kristina said...

Love these pics! I totally remember shopping with you guys and mom to pick out those lovely overalls. I was jealous that I didn't get any. Did you give Lauren those boots? They are so cute! Love ya.

The Snead Family said...

so cute! i cant believe she is coming home sooo soon already! so, it was so FUN to see you in the temple last week! I MISS YOU! really, we need to do somthing soon...i know your busy with 3 beautiful children, so let me know your schedule when you get a chance:)

Matt and Jennae Porter said...

Love the pictures of little Shelly & Lauren... so cute. I can't believe she comes home already. And I loved the pictures of you guys at Bates!! Made me laugh because growing up we always called it Nate's Butt farm instead of Bates Nut farm. That place is too fun though.

Christina Bambina said...

I remember those two "little" girls I used to play with underneath the staircase!! It's so wonderful to see how we've all grown up. How exciting that Lauren will be home in just 2 months!

The Summerhays Crew said...

She is so cute! I love the picture of the overalls. That is the Shelly and Lauren I remember!!