Thursday, October 22, 2009

7 months

Little Gweny is 7 months now, and I can hardly believe it. Where does the time go? This little girl is a special one. She is a gem. We love you so much Gwen. I love every second of the day I have with you. You are definitely my little side kick. You go where ever I go, and i love it.

7 month Stats:
weight: 14lbs 15oz. (20%)
Height: 24in (10%)

has two bottom teeth
Sits up ( started at 6 1/2 mon)
Starting to army crawl
still loves to suck thumb
loves to twirl mommy's hair, always has to be touching something when I am holding her. (hair, face, ear)
loves her baby food
still doesn't take a bottle
loves her toys
loves to be apart of the party
so happy, sweet, content, patient, and adorable
Love you tons

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Happy Birthday to our sweet, loving, funny 2 year old boy! We love you so much Sawyer. You make us so happy. We are so blessed to be your mommy and Daddy! We hope you know we always love you. You are one special boy.

Sawyer at 2.....
cutest personality.
So funny, coy, flirty, shy, relaxed, but loves to run around & have a good ole' time
You have such a sweet nature about you
you are so loving..sweetest hugs and kisses
You are so caring towards others
you love to help out, you say " help me... mommy?" meaning can I help you
you LOVE your big brother & best friend Carter.."Carter my friend."
You are so sweet to Gweny
You love MoMo's ( ones to be exact)
you love the color blue..anything you want, you want it in blue
You love gum, candy, any kind of treat
love Yo Gabba Gabba
you love to dance
you love to read books
you love it when songs are sung to you
you love to play outside
you love your mommy & daddy so much.....
we love YOU!!!
Happy Birthday Sawyer...Yeah you're 2!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Nothing better than my clean little kiddies dressed up in cute matching halloween jammies. I found these little jammies on sale and thought oh my kids would love these, especially because they glow in the dark . They have been obssessed with anything that glows in the dark lately. They love to lay in bed at night and look at their glow in the dark planets and stars on their ceiling. Carter was saying he wanted a new glow in the dark shirt for bed time, So when I saw these I was a little excited, and so were the boys! After we tucked them in bed and left the room, carter got down off the top bunk and laid with Sawyer on the bottom bunk so they could look at their shirts together in the dark and talk about them. So fun for them. Happy Halloween!

singing the opening song for family home evening


Carter & Ella have a cute little friendship. They love being with eachother and for the most part play great with eachother. It is so fun cause Ella lives just around the corner, plus she goes to preschool with carter, and she is in our ward. We have been having weekly play dates. Ella & her mom, and Carter & I will walk down the street and meet up with Ella half way in between our houses. Ella will come play at our house, or carter will go to theirs. During this little play date we did halloween face painting. I tried my best.(: The two buds are so good about letting little Sawyer play with them. Its a good thing cause Sawyer is SMITTEN by Ella! He can't get enough of her. He is so happy when he is around her and all giddy. Just look at him in the pics below and you can tell how much he loves her. He's all smiles! (: What cute little friends!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy 23rd Soster Brown 10.12.09

Happy Birthday to my amazing, fun, loving, talented, faithful, dedicated, hard working sister, Lauren, aka: Soster Brown! Soster Brown just turned 23 on monday (10.12)! She is only 2 months away from coming home from serving an amazing Mission in Copenhagen, Denmark! She has served so faithfully and has loved every second of her mission. She is such an example to me, I love reading her weekly letters and hearing all about her experiences as a missionary. I miss my younger sister so much, and am counting down the days till she comes home.
Love you tons Lauren, I am so glad you had a special birthday! You are an amazing Missionary!

We love LoLo...Soster Brown!

Soster Brown getting her Birthday Package!

Soster Brown wearing her birthday gifts...isn't she so cute?!
Us girls being princesses
Shelly & Lauren (LoLo)...don't you just love our matching overalls.(:

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bates Nut Farm

We have made it a family tradition to go to Bates Nut Farm for the past 3 years! It is the best pumpkin patch around. It gets you right in the mood for the Fall holidays. This is a real pumpkin farm with added yummy food, fun kid activities, cute retail booths, animals, etc. We had tons of fun going with some friends, and just enjoying the start of this fall season.
The guys
Carter & Ella = buds

Sawyer.Carter. Gwen
Carter rolling the huge pumpkins around

The kids
Carter had been begging for these popper guns the whole time, Dad finally broke down at the end and got him and sawyer one. The other kids got lucky too and got one. They were so excited. Thats all we heard on the way home. (:

Visit from Grammy

My mom (Grammy), came to visit a couple weeks ago. We love when we get a visit from Grammy. The boys loved playing with her and definitely kept her on her feet. THanks for being such a sweet Grammy and treating us so good. We loved having you!

Gweny. Grammy
Grammy. Sawyer on choo choo
Carter the conductor
Grammy & the boys at PlayWerx..we thought the boys would let us relax and watch them, but no my mom and I took turns being kids and climbing up and down and all around the tunnels and slides. we had tons of fun!