Friday, August 27, 2010

one lucky boy!

This is one lucky boy....
#1 he has both his Mema & Papa and his Grammy & Papa just minutes away....
#2 They both decided to take him on a special outing for his birthday!!

Going out to lunch for his B-day to That Pizza Place (carters choice) and then to the store to pick out a toy!


Grammy & Papa took him out to Breakfast on his Birthday to McDonalds and then to the store to get a prize.
He was on cloud 9! So happy and giddy about going out with both grandparents. That was so sweet of Mema & Papa and Grammy & Papa! Thanks so much!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


So I have been looking for some fun wallpaper to go in my kitchen for quite some time. I have paneling in my kitchen and am invisioning a touch of some sort of fun wallpaper above the paneling. Most of my kitchen is white so some fun color and pattern would give it that special little touch.

love this from anthro
with this pillow on my window seat in my kitchen
with this one too
or possibly this one.
Or there is this wallpaper that is really cute too. I just haven't come across some pillows that would look cute with it. But my only set back is that this is supposedly black. To me it looks navy blue or even a dark charcoal which I would love. I still love it though even if its black.
So....two totally different options, what do you think? Which one can you invision above white paneling in an all white kitchen?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Sawyer. Carter. Mason. Owen
Eating a yummy frozen snack
on the carousel at Spectrum
Gwen LOVING every second
Sawyer: roaring like a bear
We went up a couple of Sundays ago to my niece, Natalie's baby blessing. The boys had so much seeing each other that I decided at the last second to take both of my sisters boys home with us for a sleepover for a couple of nights. I was sure my sister was going to LOVE having some alone time with a new born baby. The boys were so excited to have a sleep over for 2 nights. They had so much fun. We played a lot around the house, did the slip n slide, went to the park, went to the beach at night and had a bon fire with friends, and then went to the spectrum to meet up with my sister again. The boys don't get to see each other as much as they would like, so this was so much fun for them. We love Mason and Owen!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Gwen was just being cute this day.

looking out the window at our dog: Rosebud
classic pic.: sucking thumb holding her hair
Gwen posing while dancing
doing her trick
she then came to her favorite spot to sit down
climbed to the top: she looks a little surprised that she did it.


Big Boy!

Big Boy Sawyer (2 1/2)
loves his Buzz & Jesse!
The week of our Newport vacation, I decided I would try potty training Sawyer. This was going to be the most perfect time to do such a dreaded and hard thing, because he was going to be in his swim suit all day playing at the beach. I figured if he had an accident, no big deal cause he was surrounded with sand and the ocean water. (: The beach house was only feet away from the sand so I could quickly run him back to the house to use the potty. Sawyer was awesome! I was so surprised that he decided on his own (no forcing him to do it) to be big boy and go pee and poo on the toilet. I have somewhat tried to potty train in the past but he was not ready and said, "I like my diaper better." I then decided to just wait until he was ready to. He surprised me and told me he had to go potty everytime and willingly went on the toilet. He had two accidents the whole week he potty trained!! That is awesome! I told him he could pick out any toy at Target at the end of the week, if he does a good job at going on the potty. He immediately said, "I want a Buzz, and a Jesse!" I'm pretty sure he told me that over and over until I took him to the store. I was so proud of him, that I ended up taking him to Target in the middle of the week, instead of the end. He was so excited to go to the store and actually get to buy a toy that he wanted. Ever since that week of potty training, he has continued to stay potty trained. Yes, he has had the occasional accident, but over all I would call him potty trained! I dont use pull-ups during the day anymore, but of course at night. I am so glad that I am done with changing his diapers, that was getting to be a little too much for me. Im so happy for you Sawyer that you are a big boy now! He loves wearing his cool undies, just like his big brother, Carter.

Newport 2010 Talent Show

Every year at the Collins beach week, we do a family talent show. It is very entertaining! After we have our talent show we all get up and have a dance party!

Sawyer.jane.annie.stella.lily: being doggies for their talent :)
doggie sawyer
cute sawyer
dancin' sawyer
paige doing her dance routine
Dance party has begun

love sawyers little arms in motion
gwen has some moves too
sawyer having so much fun
Gwen loves to dance
Carter had fallen asleep before our talent show, so he missed out on all the fun, but here is a cute pic from the night before.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Collins Newport Beach Week 2010!

Our Family 2010
carter (4). Sawyer(2). Gwen(16months)
Daddy & kids
Mommy & Kids
Gweny & Mommy


the whole crew
21 grandkids!
the girls: Shelly.Mema.Ashly.Amy.Nammie.Brooke.Natalie.Erin

the guys:Matt.Jono.Jack.Dustin.Andrew.Ned.Papa
It was another successful Beach week with the Collins family! We had so much fun being with everyone. It is so nice to relax all day at the beach while the kids play in the water and sand. We had lots of yummy food, played games, had our annual talent show, had movie nights, girls shopping trip, late night bike rides on the beach to get some yummy shakes, and more.The gloomy weather this year was a little bummer, but that didnt stop us from having a good time. Thanks Mema and Papa for such a fun week!
More pics. to come.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

7 years & Counting.....

7 years ago...
7 years later.
I am one lucky girl. I love him so much. These past 7 years have been the best 7 years yet. Its amazing how much our lives have changed from the day we got married 7 years ago.It has been such a good & happy life thus far with this gem of a husband! I am so blessed to have him by my side. He is such a good husband, Dad, and friend. He is so giving and ready to help his family and others. He is such an example to me in all he does.
He loves me and loves his 3 little kids,That alone makes me happy.
I love you.
Happy Anniversary!