Sunday, December 28, 2008

"I like my Cousins... they are my friends!"

Lily. Sawyer. Macey

Kiley.Carter. Porter

Over the holidays we had a fun Sunday Dinner over at Jono's sisters house(The Flakes). His other sister Amy and her family were also in town, so we had a fun gathering. Carter had so much fun with his cousins. He loves to be with them and looks up to them so much! He often says, "I like my cousins...they are my friends". Sawyer also had tons of fun following the big kids around and snuggling up to his cousins Lily and Macey. The kids also had fun making Ginger bread houses. Carter was mainly worried about eating all the candy that was laid out on the table. We love being with family!

Brotherly Love

I love my boys! They are so sweet and so lovable. Lately Carter and Sawyer have been really cute with each other, running around the house chasing each other laughing and laughing. I get excited to think when they will really play with each other and be each others best friend (hopefully). There are still the brotherly moments when Carter gets annoyed with Sawyer, but Carter is enjoying having a little brother and loves his company. I just can't wait until our little girl is added into the mix. These pics were taken when we got our Christmas pics done by Vanessa Olsen.

Random Holiday Pics

Just a few holiday pics to start out my many pictures from the holidays. Carter loved the advent calender. Each day he got to open up a door and would find a piece of candy and a little note telling him to go and find his little prize. He had fun running to the different places that I had hid his christmas Prize for that day. I attempted to take pictures of his little prizes but forgot. He found these fun kid friendly cookies in the freezer ready for him to bake with mommy. HE also got a buzz light year ornament one day, lightening McQueen car, we made a cute reindeer puppet from the Martha Stewart line, and many other fun ones. Somedays he just got candy cause its a little much to have to think of a prize each day. We had lots of fun with it though.

Hanging the Star

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My little Care taker

We were so lucky and got to watch our little neice/cousin Scarlett all day last tuesday. She is such a little sweetie and so dang cute! Carter was quite the little care taker and moved right into the roll of mister babysitter. He is so gentle with her and loved to help out in any way he could. He will be such a good little helper with his baby sister!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

San Diego Temple Christmas Lights

We had a fun evening visiting the Temple to see the christmas lights and hear christmas music sung by the children's choir and adult choir. The boys loved being there at the temple and hearing the music. Carter was all giddy and excited to see the temple up close. He calls it "mommy and daddy's church", since he knows we got married there. It definitely made it feel more like christmas being around the temple with the lights and music. I just love the holiday spirit that goes around during this time of year!

Sawyer eating a ginger bread cookie and nodding his head to the christmas music

Sawyer walking at 14 months! He started walking 100% about a week or so ago.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The little Kids Bar

I had a fun idea to make a kids bar. I was sick of having the kids table and felt it was in the way. This little bar is great cause its out of the way and is a fun way for the kids to eat their snacks and meals!


Brownie's and Milk! MMM!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Thanksgiving 08'!

THanksgiving this year was at my Sister Kristina's house in Valencia! We had tons of fun being their with the whole family minus my sister who is serving in Copenhagen. We started off the Thanksgiving vaca. celebrating my sisters 30th birthday with everyone (except the kids) by going to out to a yummy sushi restaurant in L.A., and then going back to the house to celebrate with cake and presents. I am pretty sure she had a good birthday minus a stressful situation with the babysitters forgetting they had to babysit that night, and by mason breaking his arm a few minutes after we got home from dinner!!! So sad the night had to end out with mason getting hurt!

On Thanksgiving all the boys including Carter and Mason went to the L.A. car show! The big boys and the little boys were in heaven looking at all the cool cars! US girls stayed home to get a jump start on preparing Thanksgiving dinner. This was the first year Kris had made a Turkey by herself with some help from my Mom! She was so disgusted by the big gobbly turkey and all that goes into preparing the beast! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with a cute dinner setting! My sister even had a cute idea to make a "Thankful Turkey" poster. Through out the day we would write all the things we were thankful for! We ended up having fun with it. We spent the rest of the evening just hanging out and playing a fun game and eating yummy pumpkin and apple pie!

On friday the girls went to see TWILIGHT!! Oh my gosh we loved it!! I have now seen it twice! My sister and I were having a major crush on Edward, and still do. (: Later on that day the big boys and little boys got their turn and saw BOLT! The little boys came home loving it. While the boys were at the movies that evening the girls did a little shopping. We can't get together and not go shopping. (: The night didnt end up the best of all.... Carter ended up barfing. We thought it was something he ate, but it turned it was the flu. At 1am until 5 am in the morning myself, Carter and Jono were all up, violently ill over the toilet. It turned out that my parents, Mason(nephew) and my brother Jeff also came down with the flu! We were leaving to go home anyways that following morning. It stinks that it had to hit all of us that last day and a half that we were there, because now KRis feels horrible that getting sick and having thanksgiving at her house is associated. She thinks we will never want to come back to her house again and feels like we all had a bad Thanksgiving. Even though we did get sick that last day we were there, we still had lots of fun the other few days. Kris did an amazing job at hosting all of us for Thanksgiving! It was just bad luck that we got sick. Thank you so much Miller family for all you did to make sure we had an enjoyable time!! We had tons of fun and wish we could be a little bit closer!

Thanksgiving Fun & Relaxation!

Sawyer feeling oh so BIG riding a scooter!

Just hanging out watching the kids play

Cute little Owey!

Sawyer just being silly

Dad relaxing in the beautiful weather in November

Jono playin' it tough

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are having thanksgiving dinner at my sisters this year with my whole family, minus our cute sister missionary Lauren. I made these name settings for the Thanksgiving table. I just had fun making them, and think they will add a nice little touch. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sawyer & Curren

Sawyer & Curren were having the time of their lives riding on the little four wheeler together! What cute little guys!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I will miss my Buddy Grant!

Carter's little Buddy Grant is moving to Australia tomorrow! Carter is so sad and bummed that he won't be able to have Grant over anymore! They play so cute together. Grant is such a sweetie! Carter will miss you so much Grant!! Have fun in Australia!

Oh, my little Sawyer!

Sawyer loves to see what yummy stuff he can find in the fridge. He's my little eater...he is so dang cute!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Girls Get away!

We did it. We got away - left the kiddies with our husbands and had a blast. This weekend Kris and I celebrated our November birthdays with a sisters only getaway. Very much needed!

We stayed in Pasadena Friday night. Pasadena is the original, old Hollywood. It has such a fun nightlife district with tons of great outdoor shopping and restaurants. All stores are open 'til 10 pm! The hotel shuttle driver dropped us off. To him we were known as Tammy and Glenda. All in good fun. A little high school maybe. But funny to us. We shopped a bit then ate at a super yum restaurant Il Fornaio where we were given a complimentary appetizer and a b-day serenade. After we shopped some more 'til 10 pm. Wow, the Forever 21 there is huuuuge. Then headed back to the Hilton for some good girl talk, pedicures and gifts.

The next morning we drove to the famous Farmers Market on Fairfax and The Grove in L.A. - a hip spot known for celebrity sightings. We shopped and ate 'til we dropped there too. Seriously we did so much walking and were exhausted afterward. But all for a good cause. We had to squeeze it all in because we knew our reality was awaiting us sooner than later. It was fun to get away and we've decided to make it an annual (if not more) thing! I had so much fun with me big sister Kris! She is so fun to be with, and laugh with. It is sad though that we can't get together as much as we would like. If we were even an hour closer than we could hang out that much more. Thanks Kris for such a fun weekend! You planned the perfect weekend for us to get away and celebrate our birthdays and enjoy being sisters. Love ya so much!!

p.s. Kris I just used your explanation of our girls fun get away from your was perfectly told. Just changed a few things.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

18 week bump!


Carter.Sawyer.Ella(Dorothy). Shea(fireman)

Sawyer was a little freaked out any time we sat him on the bench by the pumpkins & Scarecrow