Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Little Carter Man

My LIttle Carter Man is one cute little guy. Love him to pieces. I feel bad for my sweetie, he has been complaining of.. "tummy hurts". He "barsed" (barfed) yesterday morning and then has had a hard time keeping the #2 under control. Despite his tummy ache, he is still happy and his cute little self.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Am I stupid?

Okay so if you havent noticed, My links on the right hand side of my blog are purple and blue. I have been trying to change it forever, and for some reason they wont change to the color that I want it to. Everything else does on my blog except for the blogs I read links. Annoying. Has any one had this problem or know how to fix it? ITs probalby just me allowing the computer to be smarter than me.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This weekend we went and joined all the other Byu fains at the BYU vs. UCLA football game! It was tons of fun, even though we lost.. We went with my brother jeff and martha and met my sister KRis and her family there. Carter was so excited to go the the football game. When we got out of the car he said "yah, football!" The last pic is a result of carter getting bored on the car ride up there, so he decided to dig for some gold. (:


Carters is in love with tractors. He probably says it 10 times a day. At Daddy's work there are tons of tractors, so on our way up to Disneyland we stopped to pick up Daddy at work. Carter was lucky because all the tractors were out moving around doing their job. Carter was so excited to see the really big tractors, he even got to ride in the golf cart with Daddy and go look at more tractors. He was lovin' every second of it.

Baby Owen!

So this is a little late sister had little baby Owen August 20th! HE is so cute, and carter loves him. He loves babies in general. He felt so proud when holding him. I am so exicted for Carter to love and hold baby Sawyer in about 5 weeks!