Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ITS A.... BOY!!

We are excited to have a 3rd boy in our crew!! Gwen is most likely going to boss all those brothers around and make sure they know who's boss. (: We are happy that he is healthy and right on track. We are most likely going to name this little guy Finn. You know like Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. Kind of a coinsedence that we will have a Sawyer and Finn, didn't mean for it to be that way, but we like it that way.
Hope you all Have a Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Halloween 2010

Gwen: Ballerina
Gwen Dancing
Gwen: love that little chubby hand
Iron Man Sawyer:Aunt LoLo
Storm Trooper Carter(didn'y have mask on) :Aunt LoLo
Carter decorating his Halloween cookie: At Flakes house on Halloween
Sawyer lickin' every last bit(:
Sawyer:Iron Man
Trick or Treat: Gwen.Bennett.Sawyer
Gwen: had to push the stroller around the block, she used it as her halloween bag.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Yes this is true! Baby #4 is on its way!
We are going to be a family of 6! We are all very excited to welcome another sweet baby into our family. The kids are so excited! Carter wants a baby sister, Sawyer wants a baby brother and Gwen, well she is going to just be happy to have a real baby to hold (she loves babies). I am now 12 weeks along and due at the end of May! That seems so far away. I'll be updating along the way.(:
(sorry for the really blury pictures, it was impossible to get them to sit still on the stools holding the sign)


Happy 3rd Birthday Sawyer!

Carter & Porter sneaking bites of the witches soup
cute cupcakes made by my sister Lauren!

the donut game: carter getting a mouth full
porter. kiley
my dad. brother jeff
pinata time: birthday boy sawyer (iron man)

bennett the magician
carter: buzz lighter
(he hadn't gotten his storm trooper costume in the mail yet)
porter the skeleton
kiley the 80's girl
maicy: hippie
hailey: witch
making a wish
sawyers new bike
Sawyer turned 3 October 21st! We had a fun Halloween Birthday Bash for him with food, treats, games, and Halloween costumes! Sawyer is so lucky to have so many family members living close by. Almost all of them were able to come to celebrate this little man. We had tons of fun! Sawyer had been talking about his party for months before. He was a happy boy when his party was finally here! Sawyer scored on lots of fun birthday gifts and a new hot wheels bike that he loves! We love you Sawyer so much, you are such a sweet and fun boy!

Bates Nut Farm


In October we took a trip to our favorite Bates Nut Farm for some Halloween fall fun. We go there every year to pick out our pumpkins, eat some yummy treats, ride the pony's and pet the animals. My mom joined the kids and I this year. The kids loved the pony ride and petting the animals, and picked out some good pumpkins (which I forgot to download pics off of my i-phone of them in the pumpkin patch). It's always fun to start off the halloween fall holiday visiting Bates Nut Farm.

Monday, October 4, 2010


It's all finished.
I love my new wallpaper, and the added fun it gives my kitchen. I have a great husband who stayed up late one night to finish it. He made me one happy girl. Thanks Jono..love ya.

i still need to find something to put on the right wall and some cute pillows for the window seat.
kids eating area, we call it the kids bar.
little sawyer

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

loves her family

I love it when I find Gwen looking up at the pictures of our family, and just standing there staring at them. I love it even more when she gets on her tip toes and points out everyone in our family and says their name. She does this quit often. Im glad I caught her doing this...she must love her family...and we love her.