Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thank You....

Grammy & Papa....&....Mema & Papa!
I love my Pretty Pink Purse with my pink Poodle & stroller, and I love my blabla doll! I have been holding them all day long! Now i can play mommy, while holding my purse & doggy, and pushing my blabla doll in my stroller! I love you so much! You are so special to me! Wish you could come play with me! Miss you!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Gwen!

Gwen is our little 1 year old now!
I can hardly believe that she isn't my little newborn swaddled in her blanket anymore. It really seems as though she was just the tiny infant in my arms. Yes, she is still a little tiny pixie, but a little pixie that is walking around the house with her hands clenched to her stroller pushing her baby, with that look of excitment that she is finally a "big girl". I am in love with this little girl, and simply can't get enough of all her sweetness. You are so special Gwen, we love you! Happy Birthday sweet 1 year old!

We had a fun evening celebrating Gwen's birthday by having our own little family birthday party. Gwen was so cute when we sat her on the table with all of her presents and birthday hat, she knew she was center of attention! She was loving it. We did presents and cake at home, and then went to get some yummy frozen yogurt with some friends. It ended up being the perfect little evening for this special little girl!

just some little decorations I already had around the house to make it feel more like a party. (:
the birthday girl!
I made her this birthday party hat thinking it would be so cute for pics...well, I guess it's the thought that counts, cause she would not keep it on for a second. She just wanted to squish it. oh well
Sawyer. Gwen. Carter
Gwen. Daddy: She was moving all over the place, kind of hard to get a good pic.
Gwen opening her phone from Carter
Lovin' her Pretty Pink Purse with the Pretty Pink Poodle from Grammy

Gwen's big cupcake for a big 1 year old!
Look at this cute little cake topper my found. It is perfect for the occasion...a little sweet girl having a birthday, and on the cupcake it says March. My mom snatched it in a second for little Gwen! My mom also thought of me because I used to collect and be obssessed with precious moments when I was little.
Gwen was in love with her cake! It must have been heaven to her to see a huge cupcake dripping with frosting all for her. She was all over it and couldn't get enough. You'll see....

testing it...
mmm, this is good..forget using my hands
Mmmmm..I'm goin' in for more....
( I love sawyers face in all of these cake pics)
I want it all!

Sawyer laughing histarically at gwen! pretty cute! The boys were loving watching her. Anytime the boys would try and eat some she would push them away or hit their hand.

We love you Gwen...Happy 1st Birthday!

12 months = 1 year!

Gweny girl at 1 year:

*Weighs 17 lbs. (a little pixie)
*can still wear 3-6 month clothes, she even has a pair of leggings that are 0-3 months~ but she usually wears 12 months clothes. Lets just say she can wear all sizes.
*waves hi and bye, and says "buh-bye"
* Stands up from sitting down all by herself with out holding on to anything
* stood up from sitting and took 4 steps all by herself 3-19-10
*Loves her stroller and walks all over the house while pushing her baby.
*LOVES dogs!!!
*loves her babies
* says, "cap, cap, cap" (clap, clap, clap)
*blows her food if it's hot
* gives open mouth kisses
*is still attached to my hair and her thumb
* plays bashful, and shy
*knows when she is being cute
* not afraid to scream at her brothers and let them know when she is not happy..go gwen!
*gets so happy when her daddy comes home
* is glued to her mommy's hip or leg
*loves to climb up our slide on feet and hands and sit at the top in the little play house area. (yes, a little scary)
*loves being outside playing
* has 6 teeth, plus 2 that have just broke through. Carter and Sawyer say, "look, Gwen has Mater teeth!"
* loves her brothers, and knows exactly who is who (knows them by name)
*finally started sleeping through the night, after 5 months of waking up in the middle of the night because of her chronic ear infections. She goes into the ENT on monday the 29th for a consultation to get Tubes! YEs, there is an end in sight for these horrible ear infections, that have been lurking in gweny's ears!
* If I ask, "Gwen, do you want to eat?" , she replies with smacking her lips. pretty cute.
* She loves to do, "How big is Gweny?" "So Big" and raises her little arms above her head. She loves to do and will do it numerous times in a row.

Gwen is learning so many fun, cute things. Its amazing how much she has learned, and how much of a personality she has in such a tiny one year old body.
Gwen, we love you to pieces! You are a special little girl. We are so lucky and blessed that you are apart of our family. You have made this year a happy one!

It's a special Day!

March 22nd is a special Day not only for Gwen, but for my Mom too! Happy Birthday mom! I love you tons! You are one special Mom and friend to me! I hope you are having a relaxing, fun, special birthday in Hawaii! You deserve it! Im just imagining I am there too soaking in that warm Hawaiian sun! Love ya

Gwen was born on my Mom's Birthday! How special is that, I know my mom loved having her first grand daughter born on her special day. They will always have that to share together.

Friday, March 12, 2010


A BIG THANKS to Jylare Photography! I am the lucky winner for her amazing giveaway she had on her website! I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw my name. It was early in the morning when I checked her blog, so I thought maybe I wasn't seeing right. (: I was and am smiling from ear to ear! I love good photography! It's little Gwen's 1st birthday coming up so I am planning on using this amazing opportunity to get Gwen's 1 year pic.'s taken. Thanks again Jylare for picking me! I am one happy girl!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

refreshed & happy

This little girl woke up so refreshed and happy! She was all smiles when I walked into her room. I love it when I get to see this sweet, smiley face after a nice nap. It can't get much better than that.
This cute pic was taken by carter man. He's getting pretty good with the camera.
Gwen being so silly..look at those eyebrows. gotta love em', just like her mama.

Carter lookin' so cute
Gwen loves this soft bear. She loves anything soft and cuddly. She holds her bear and cuddles it when she goes to sleep.
(: that would be little carter for ya.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Jane.Annie.Carter.Bennet: Ready to go in!
Carter & Mr. Guinea Pig (G-force)
Cute little Sawyer so excited to feed the little bunnies/guinea pigs. He did not want to let go of those carrots.
Gweny lovin' every second with the soft bunny. She is an animal lover.
Carter made a new little bunny friend with this one. Carter was in love with this bunny, and did not want to give him up. Actually the bunny liked him too. When carter would put him down, it would stay close by him. Carter is now hot on the idea of getting a white bunny with red eyes.(:
She just about squeezed the heck out of this poor little guinea pig, we put him down quickly after that.
Bennett was ready to go for a ride when he hopped on that log with carter. He was holding on tight. Love that little Bennett!

A couple weeks ago, we met up with my SIL's and the cousins, and went to Zoomers, a cute little petting zoo in San Juan. Oh my gosh my boys and Gwen were loving it! Especially Carter. He loved that he was able to feed, pet, and pick up the little animals. They also had a caged in area where you could go in with the goats and pet them and hang out with them. Carter also made friends with the goats. I looked over and he had his arms around the goats neck giving him a hug with a huge smile on his face.(: Maybe one day he will get some kind of animal friend to call his own and to take care of. Not too soon though. We will definetly be making a trip back to Zoomers so the kids can get their fix of the little animals. (:

Friday, March 5, 2010

Jylare Photograhy GIVEAWAY!

Jylare Photography is having an amazing giveaway! If you live here in California or are going to be in town sometime soon, hurry over to Jylare to enter into the giveaway by posting a comment. She does amazing work! Good Luck! Hope I win! (: