Sunday, July 20, 2008

Collins Family Newport Beach Vaca.

WE went to Newport Beach with the whole Collins Clan. We had so much fun with everyone. Thanks to Jono's parents we were able to still get together as a family. We were just missing them, but can't wait until they can join us next summer when they are home from Russia. (: We had fun just hanging out at the Beach every day, all day, and went on many fun bike rides with everyone. The adults even had a fun crazy time going on midnight bike rides almost every night. So much fun to hang out with everyone. Can't wait until next year!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cute Boys...

Sawyer is 8 1/2 months now and has 4 teeth. I love them. A few weeks ago he started a new thing where he cocks his head back, smiles really big with his eyes squinted. He will do it anyone who smiles at him. He is so fun and growing so quickly. He also started a new thing within the past few days where he will put his head to the side (in video). The boys were just having fun in the morning playing in the laundry basket. They are so much fun, I love these moments.

p.s. so i took this video with my digital camera and I forgot that When I turn the camera vertically it looks fine when you are recording but it is actually recording it horizontally. Oh well, its still cute.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Two Buds!

Can you guess who these to little squirts are? My brother Jeff sent it to me the other day after finding it in a pile of old pics. I think it is so cute of us. His little arm around me is so cute. What a sweet brother. He still is. Thanks Jeff I am glad you are my brother too.

I have a Handy Man!

Jono and I decided on a whim that we thought it would look good to put up some wood paneling on our bedroom wall behind our bed. THen Jono had the idea to put it in the kitchen where we have a little window seat. So he woke up one early saturday morning, started measuring and off to Home Depot he went. He is such the handy man! He did it all from scratch. I love how it turned out!! THanks to Jono he has made our home our own by ALL of his handy man skills. I must say I have my own Handy Many. Thanks Jono for all you do to make our house cute. Now I just need to add things here and there to make it complete. A pillow in the pillow case on the bed would be good, oh and maybe a shelf above the dresser to put some fun stuff on. (:
p.s. Sorry Ash, I was a bit of a copy cat on the bird canvas pic. I just love it and found it on sale a while ago. (:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Love You Sister Brown!!!

Well its almost official....tomorrow at 11:30am Sister Brown is checking into the MTC. I am so excited for her to go on this amazing journey in her life. She is going to be amazing. I love you so much Lauren! I am going to miss you so much, but am so proud of you for serving our Lord. I look up to you for having the strength to go out there and serve a mission. You are so special to me and love having you as my sister! Carter and Sawyer are going to miss you too! They say, "We Love You LoLo...XOXO!" I know you are reading this just before you leave to go into the just wanted to say I love you one more time and I know you are going to do great! Good Luck on your 1st day into the MTC!!! LOVE YOU & MISS YOU...XOXOXO!!

Newport Beach Cont.

Birthday Breakfast for Jeff at Ruby's Diner

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Sand Crabs

Papa.Carter.Mason finding sand crabs

Sawyer and Owen taking a ride on the ottomen

Mmmmm...Golden Spoon