Monday, October 12, 2009

Bates Nut Farm

We have made it a family tradition to go to Bates Nut Farm for the past 3 years! It is the best pumpkin patch around. It gets you right in the mood for the Fall holidays. This is a real pumpkin farm with added yummy food, fun kid activities, cute retail booths, animals, etc. We had tons of fun going with some friends, and just enjoying the start of this fall season.
The guys
Carter & Ella = buds

Sawyer.Carter. Gwen
Carter rolling the huge pumpkins around

The kids
Carter had been begging for these popper guns the whole time, Dad finally broke down at the end and got him and sawyer one. The other kids got lucky too and got one. They were so excited. Thats all we heard on the way home. (:


Sara Walker said...

How fun. I've heard of this place before, but I never knew where it was. Looks like you have a really fun time.

Mom said...

I remember going there with YOU when you were that young!!! :) Fun memories.