Tuesday, August 25, 2009

5 months~8.22.09

Our Sweet Gwen, Gweny, Gwenners
5 months:
Weight: 13lbs 12oz. (25%)
Height: 24inches (25%)
Head size: 16 inches (25%)
She is our little peanut! We love this little girl so much!
* happy
* sweet
*rarely cries
* rolls over from tummy to back and back to tummy
* holds onto toys
* loves to talk and babble to us or herself
* loves to coo at her owl mobile
* so good to just roll over and suck her thumb when I lay her in her crib to take a nap or go to bed for the night
*AlWAYS wakes up happy with a smile
* Giggles
* loves her rice cereal with peaches
* loves her brothers to pieces
*loves patty cake

Monday, August 24, 2009

Little Campers

Carter & Shea aren't only little buddies but next door neighbors! Shea is Jono's best friend (Jason Robinsons) little boy. Jono and Jason grew up in Arizona together and now many years later live right next door to each other. Carter loves having his best little pal right next door. Only a little gate in the backyard fence that separates these two crazy boys. Carter and Shea got to have a big boy sleep over in our family room in the "BIG" tent! They had their own little camping outing. They laid there all cozied up watching a movie, and then fell fast asleep. Well I wish it happened that way. (: they were so excited to have their little sleep over they didn't go to sleep until 11:00pm! These two boys were happy campers!

Shea(3) Carter (4)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

4 years old!!

I can't hardly believe that this adorable, sweet, fun, little boy is 4 years old today! I can remember when I held him for the first time 4 years ago.....I was all tears! I was so happy to be a mom to such a special little person! I have had the best 4 years being carters Mommy. He has taught me so much. I love spending time with my little guy. I love you Carter and hope you had such a special birthday. You bring so much happiness to your Mommy & Daddy's life.
Carter at 4 years old.......
1. So sweet-gives good hugs & kisses
2. Sensitive about others feelings
3. So sweet to Sawyer & Gwen
4. Loves to play outside
5. Loves to ride his scooter, bike, & swim (with out floaties-yah!)
6. loves to play with mommy & daddy
7. So cute when he gets excited about something- says " mom, that makes me so excited!" as his hands are clenched together under his chin and shoulders shrugged up.
8. loves to be with his dad and do big boy stuff!
9. loves candy & gum...I catch him sneaking them a few times a day. (:
10. likes bakugan, transformers, legos, motorcycles, space ships
11. loves preschool
12. Loves clothes, lookin' cool/handome
13. likes to break dance
14. So silly & crazy
15. Smart
The list could go on and on, but all I know is I love everything about this little Carter Man. He is one cute, and special 4 year old. We love you so much, Carter!
Happy 4th Birthday!

days old
1 year

2 years
3 years
loves his....Daddy
his brother
.... & Mommy

The Big 4 year old!
We are having his party on Saturday, but we had Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast, opened up a couple presents, made cupcakes, opened up a couple more presents when Daddy got home, went to Daddy's softball game, & went to That Pizza Place for his birthday dinner.

Monday, August 10, 2009

"Mommy School"

With summer here in full swing, and no preschool for Carter, I decided that Carter is going to go to "Mommy School". We take about 30 minutes out of the day to practice recognizing, writing, and sounds of the alphabet. Sometimes we will do a fun craft or bake something together. This has helped him have a little bit of structure to his day. I found a great work book for him to work out of to get him prepared for his 2nd year of preschool! Last year before Kindergarten! I can't believe that! Carter has learned to like "Mommy School". It started off with him not listening to me, because it was me teaching him, instead of his preschool teacher, but now he is liking the idea of "Mommy School". Probably b/c he gets special one on one time. I had flash backs of when my mom would sit down with me and help me with school stuff. (: Kind of weird that I am starting all of this.(: I love my Carter and am proud of him, we have fun at Mommy School!

This day we got to make cookies!
yes he is baking in his undies

He also got to pick out a craft at Michaels. He picked a wooden, wiggly Alligator to paint! He was loving it!
He had already painted his, but was helping sawyer with his alligator. Cute brothers!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Gwen's Rolling

Gwen is now 4 1/2 months old. She has been trying to roll over since right before she was 4 months. Her arm always seemed to get in the way. About a week ago she was able to roll over completely. Now she rolls all over the carpet. She doesn't like to be on her stomach for too long though. Just enough time to play with a toy in front of her and to look around the room, then she gets a little tired and prefers her back. Which is funny cause she used to love her tummy up until she began sucking her thumb at a couple months old, now she loves to hang out and sleep on her back to make it easy to get her thumb.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Annual Collins Newport Beach~july 09'

The very next week after my family vacation in Newport Coast, we headed over to Newport Beach for a Collins family vacation. This was a big exciting year b/c Mema & Papa were back for beach week!! We had so much fun with everyone, and can't wait for next year! Thanks Mema and Papa for such a fun week!

Papa. Sawyer
The kids hangout room
sawyer. jude. bennett
celebrating bryce's 10th b-day!!
The family talent show

The opfel family & Andrew
mema. papa
me showin' some ice skating moves
Amy dancin' it up
Andrew doing his famous gymnastics beam act...hilarious!
sawyer so sweaty after dancing straight for about 20 minutes
gwen.carter......watching a show together in the morning


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Newport Coast Vacation 09' ~ Random Pics

My family all got together for our annual Newport Coast vacation on July 11th. We had so much fun being together. We did lots of fun things that brought fun memories! We just missed our sweet sister missionary, Sister Brown! My parents are so giving and sweet to provide this great vacation for all of us each year! We had so much fun, thanks Mom & Dad!
Dance party
Mason showing his moves
Sawyer & Dee Dee ( blankie): his favorite thing!
Shark Boy Carter
Shark Boy Carter & Mason.... They were having so much fun pretending to be Shark boy from the movie Shark BOy & Lava Girl! Notice their Gills on their ribs & their spiky hair!
Gwen gazing at Mason
The girls
Carousel at Fashion Island

Sawyer being silly at dinner