Saturday, July 28, 2007

We are back!

So I know i have been sooo bad about blogging the last month. We have been super busy with family vacations,etc. My camera also broke so I havent been able to take pics the last week or so. But here are pics from my families vacation in Newport 2 weeks ago. We just got back from Jono's family vacation ( well it was here in oceanside but we were at the beach all day all week, so never really got to blog) But I dont have pics from that because my camera broke but I am going to get some from others who took some with their cameras. We had lots of fun with family and at the beach and miss them.

Carter showing off his tattoos.
Carter and Mason (cousin) wearing their new pirate bandanas from grandma and got tattoos to wear to Sea World. The boys loved it. THey thought they were real pirates! ARRR!
Carter and Mason playing in water

Woaa, cool dolphins
Hi, fishy!
watching Shamu!
Gramma and Carter
Papa, Carter and Mason
Carter riding mason, ride em' cowboy!
Two prego mamas....My sister is due at the end of August. Yah another little boy!
Shelly, Kris, Lauren and Mom
Gramma and Carter

On the Carousel
Carter doing tricks with Uncle Jeff

Carter and Mason buried in the sand

Carter and Laney ( Tyler and Jennie's little girl...Tyler is Jono's cousin)