Sunday, March 7, 2010


Jane.Annie.Carter.Bennet: Ready to go in!
Carter & Mr. Guinea Pig (G-force)
Cute little Sawyer so excited to feed the little bunnies/guinea pigs. He did not want to let go of those carrots.
Gweny lovin' every second with the soft bunny. She is an animal lover.
Carter made a new little bunny friend with this one. Carter was in love with this bunny, and did not want to give him up. Actually the bunny liked him too. When carter would put him down, it would stay close by him. Carter is now hot on the idea of getting a white bunny with red eyes.(:
She just about squeezed the heck out of this poor little guinea pig, we put him down quickly after that.
Bennett was ready to go for a ride when he hopped on that log with carter. He was holding on tight. Love that little Bennett!

A couple weeks ago, we met up with my SIL's and the cousins, and went to Zoomers, a cute little petting zoo in San Juan. Oh my gosh my boys and Gwen were loving it! Especially Carter. He loved that he was able to feed, pet, and pick up the little animals. They also had a caged in area where you could go in with the goats and pet them and hang out with them. Carter also made friends with the goats. I looked over and he had his arms around the goats neck giving him a hug with a huge smile on his face.(: Maybe one day he will get some kind of animal friend to call his own and to take care of. Not too soon though. We will definetly be making a trip back to Zoomers so the kids can get their fix of the little animals. (:


Mom said...

Aw, come on Mom! Just get a cute little bunny that poops all over, makes giant messes of the cage, stinks up the garage, chews your furniture and shreds your rugs, plays hide and seek in the house/yard, scratches and bites your kids and causes to you clean up one more mess. Come on....It'll be fun! :) hahaha

Cormorant said...

Looks like fun! Don't you just love kids with little animals?