Monday, March 22, 2010

12 months = 1 year!

Gweny girl at 1 year:

*Weighs 17 lbs. (a little pixie)
*can still wear 3-6 month clothes, she even has a pair of leggings that are 0-3 months~ but she usually wears 12 months clothes. Lets just say she can wear all sizes.
*waves hi and bye, and says "buh-bye"
* Stands up from sitting down all by herself with out holding on to anything
* stood up from sitting and took 4 steps all by herself 3-19-10
*Loves her stroller and walks all over the house while pushing her baby.
*LOVES dogs!!!
*loves her babies
* says, "cap, cap, cap" (clap, clap, clap)
*blows her food if it's hot
* gives open mouth kisses
*is still attached to my hair and her thumb
* plays bashful, and shy
*knows when she is being cute
* not afraid to scream at her brothers and let them know when she is not happy..go gwen!
*gets so happy when her daddy comes home
* is glued to her mommy's hip or leg
*loves to climb up our slide on feet and hands and sit at the top in the little play house area. (yes, a little scary)
*loves being outside playing
* has 6 teeth, plus 2 that have just broke through. Carter and Sawyer say, "look, Gwen has Mater teeth!"
* loves her brothers, and knows exactly who is who (knows them by name)
*finally started sleeping through the night, after 5 months of waking up in the middle of the night because of her chronic ear infections. She goes into the ENT on monday the 29th for a consultation to get Tubes! YEs, there is an end in sight for these horrible ear infections, that have been lurking in gweny's ears!
* If I ask, "Gwen, do you want to eat?" , she replies with smacking her lips. pretty cute.
* She loves to do, "How big is Gweny?" "So Big" and raises her little arms above her head. She loves to do and will do it numerous times in a row.

Gwen is learning so many fun, cute things. Its amazing how much she has learned, and how much of a personality she has in such a tiny one year old body.
Gwen, we love you to pieces! You are a special little girl. We are so lucky and blessed that you are apart of our family. You have made this year a happy one!


Marissa said...

oh she is so so cute!! and so is her headband!! Did you make that one?? She sounds like the sweetest little girl. I was so nervous to have a girl but I LOVE it. I'm jealous of your nice cali weather. it's still so cold here. boo. hope everything is going good for you.

Mom said...

Happy Birthday to my sweet Gweny who shares my very same birth day. :-) That makes my birthday extra special.
Kisses and hugs to you! Love, Grammy