Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thank You....

Grammy & Papa....&....Mema & Papa!
I love my Pretty Pink Purse with my pink Poodle & stroller, and I love my blabla doll! I have been holding them all day long! Now i can play mommy, while holding my purse & doggy, and pushing my blabla doll in my stroller! I love you so much! You are so special to me! Wish you could come play with me! Miss you!


Kristina said...

I didn't know she's standing on her now (without holding on to anything) and walking! Yay Gwenny!

Christina said...

Happy Birthday Lise & Gwenny!

Mom said...

I'm glad Gwen likes her stroller, purse and doggy.

the waites said...

i cant even believe shes 1??!!?

what a sweet little girl she is.

ummmm lets talk about your cutest home decor. I love the pillows in the back on the last pic. How fun to actually play house.someday...awwww.