Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Gwen!

Gwen is our little 1 year old now!
I can hardly believe that she isn't my little newborn swaddled in her blanket anymore. It really seems as though she was just the tiny infant in my arms. Yes, she is still a little tiny pixie, but a little pixie that is walking around the house with her hands clenched to her stroller pushing her baby, with that look of excitment that she is finally a "big girl". I am in love with this little girl, and simply can't get enough of all her sweetness. You are so special Gwen, we love you! Happy Birthday sweet 1 year old!

We had a fun evening celebrating Gwen's birthday by having our own little family birthday party. Gwen was so cute when we sat her on the table with all of her presents and birthday hat, she knew she was center of attention! She was loving it. We did presents and cake at home, and then went to get some yummy frozen yogurt with some friends. It ended up being the perfect little evening for this special little girl!

just some little decorations I already had around the house to make it feel more like a party. (:
the birthday girl!
I made her this birthday party hat thinking it would be so cute for pics...well, I guess it's the thought that counts, cause she would not keep it on for a second. She just wanted to squish it. oh well
Sawyer. Gwen. Carter
Gwen. Daddy: She was moving all over the place, kind of hard to get a good pic.
Gwen opening her phone from Carter
Lovin' her Pretty Pink Purse with the Pretty Pink Poodle from Grammy

Gwen's big cupcake for a big 1 year old!
Look at this cute little cake topper my found. It is perfect for the occasion...a little sweet girl having a birthday, and on the cupcake it says March. My mom snatched it in a second for little Gwen! My mom also thought of me because I used to collect and be obssessed with precious moments when I was little.
Gwen was in love with her cake! It must have been heaven to her to see a huge cupcake dripping with frosting all for her. She was all over it and couldn't get enough. You'll see....

testing it...
mmm, this is good..forget using my hands
Mmmmm..I'm goin' in for more....
( I love sawyers face in all of these cake pics)
I want it all!

Sawyer laughing histarically at gwen! pretty cute! The boys were loving watching her. Anytime the boys would try and eat some she would push them away or hit their hand.

We love you Gwen...Happy 1st Birthday!


Cormorant said...

What a sweet girl! I can't believe she's already 1 years old. Happy birthday.

Brittany Simmons said...

Cute decorations for a cute little girl. I love the pics of the cake because Sawyer is dying laughing in the background!

Ashly said...

SOOO cute Shel. LOVE the hat and all of the little touches like the cute tag on the gift and on the cupcake. Seriously, the cutest. Good job girl! Happy Birthday to sweet Gweny girl. She looks so cute in her boyfriend jeans!

Kristina said...

OK, 1. cutest girl - love her outfit. You said you went shopping for her bday/easter and looks like you scored with some cute finds! Can't wait to play dressup too! 2. Love the cupcake mold and precious moments topper -- that is so a flashback to little Shelly. :) 3. LOVE the pink pom-pom hanging decorations. Maybe if I'm super lucky you'll pack those in your go-bag for my baby shower! :) So cute. Love you!

Mom said...

I smiled and giggled when I looked through these photos. Gwen is just "owning" that cupcake and Sawyer cracks me up as see him crack-up. So, Gwen is standing on her own. Looks so grown-up standing alone. Surely you'll be taking walking videos soon.
thanks for sharing thru your blog. Love it.

Halvos said...

Ok, I realize I'm late seeing these, but wow--SOOO cute!! I was totally laughing at her eating that cake too! Sawyer is adorable too! I love how much they love their little sister! Happy birthday Gwennie!!