Sunday, May 9, 2010

One lucky Mommy

I am feeling like one lucky Mommy today! I am so blessed to have these 3 cute kids as mine. Each one of them brings something special to our family. They are full of life and so fun to be with. They teach me so much. I feel so thankful for these 3, and that I am their Mommy.
Happy Mothers Day to All you Mothers! You are all so special!

p.s. The amazing Jylare took these pics.I love all these pics, she captured their personalities so well. Go check out her blog, cause she's having another amazing giveaway!


Samye said...

Such precious pics, your kids are adorable!

Amanda said...

You AND your kids are adorable. I hope your Mother's Day was fantastic. What great pictures to capture each of their personalities!

Sara Walker said...

You are so lucky!!! Cute and super sweet. What a combo.

Ashly said...

so cute! i love them all. hope you had a wonderful mothers day.

THE MEYERS said...

Happy Mothers Day!

I love these! Gwen is looking so much older! I have to see her again. I love the picture of her smiling with her mouth wide open - it reminds me of you when we were little. :) And your boys are already heartbreakers. Let's chat soon.