Wednesday, November 18, 2009

quiet play time

Carter & Sawyer were being so cute while playing in their room together. They were so quietly playing with their seperate toys. I had to grab the camera cause its not very often that they are this quiet and calm while playing. They are usually running around the house being crazy boys.

Sawyer loves T-Rex. He thinks it is so fun to "ROAR" at us, to try at scare us.
Carter admiring his bakugan. One of his favorite toys.
Sawyer giving his T-Rex loves
Carter just looking at how cool his Bakugans are.


Sara Walker said...

So that's what boys play with. I catch Ella playing with her princesses like this too. So cute!

THE MEYERS said...

They are so cute. Two little buddies.

Mema and PaPa said...

Oh how I miss those adorable boys. They are so good and so fun. Can't wait to see you all on Wed. ILYT ox