Wednesday, November 4, 2009


carter: buzz lightyear
sawyer: black spider man
gwen: jesse from Toy Story 2

So this year for Halloween the kids were going to do the whole Toy Story theme. Carter: Buzz, Sawyer: Woody, & Gwen: Jesse. Well when I tried on sawyers cowboy outfit he said, "I don't want this, I want carters costume!" I mean seeing that carters costume is a cool space ranger with blinking lights on the wings, I totally understand sawyers complaint about wearing a boring cowboy outfit. I didn't think Sawyer would really care about it and think his costume was just great. Well since he did care and wanted something "cool", I took him to the store and he picked out the black Spider Man. He loves it, especially that he has big muscles when he puts on the costume. Even though it doesn't go with the Toy Story theme, I thought, oh well, at least he's happy. Carter was happy and so was gwen. They all turned out to be so cute, and had so much fun running from house to house getting their candy!


Kristina said...

Love your kiddies.

THE MEYERS said...

They are so cute! I love that Sawyer wanted something cooler than Woody - and his spiderman pose is pretty convincing! It all makes me want to celebrate halloween at your house!