Wednesday, November 18, 2009

little helper

This little man loves to be a helper. Sawyer and I made pumpkin muffins while carter was at preschool, so there would be a yummy snack that we could all enjoy when he got home. When it comes to baking/cooking sawyer is right there in the mix of it. Sawyer runs to get his little stool and pushes it across the floor up to the counter so he can be right up there with me to help. " me?"(can i help you?). He's a good little helper, and also great at sneaking tastes of what we are making. I think I said one more lick like 5 times. (: I hope he's always this excited to help me...just love him.


Mom said...

So dang cute! I wonder how many muffin equivalents he licked and swallowed. :) Some day he will be eager to walk in from school and eat the goodies that you and Gwen fixed for him.

Mema and PaPa said...

Finger lickin' adorable little Peanut! Love him! He was right up there on the stool whenever anything was going on in the kitchen when we were there. So cute.
ILYT oxoxox