Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Summer Evening

We have been loving our Summer evenings. They are perfect for sitting out front while the kids tire them selves out riding bikes, scooters, playing ball, etc. This particular summer evening we decided to have a little picnic dinner out on the front lawn and enjoy the pretty weather. The boys had fun together riding bikes and pushing the lawn mower up and down the side walk. I just love watching these two play together. A fun family summer night.

These two boys love each other so much! Recently they have been having so much fun together. Sawyer absolutely loves Carter, and follows his foot steps where ever he goes. If carter hasn't woken up yet in the morning or if sawyer isn't with Carter, Sawyer will look all over the house, saying..."Arter Go?" And... when he sees "Arter" he gets the biggest smile and runs right up to him saying.."ARTER!" I just love seeing these two love each other and need each other. Pure Sweetness.


Mom said...

How "sweet" that these brothers love each other. They will always be glad they have each other as buddies.

Mema and PaPa said...

Best friends brothers are the best friends ever. So cute. ILYT ox

AMIT said...

It was a enjoyable summer evening for this little boy.

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