Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Newport Coast Vacation 09'~Evening on Balboa Island

We went to Balboa Island for an evening of fun. My Dad decided it would be lots of fun to rent a small touring boat that we could take all around the Island. It was so much fun, and so pretty to be out in the water in the evening when the sun was ready to go down. The little boys loved it. They each got a turn to help Papa drive the boat! It was such a fun, memorable boat ride. Thanks Papa and Grammy! We loved it!

On the fairy at Balboa..Carter & Mason
Our fam.
The girls
Jeff. Mom. Kristina. Shelly
Carter driving the boat
Papa. Owen. Sawyer

My Mom & Dad: Papa & Grammy

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Ashly said...

that last pic of your mom and dad, your dad looks exactly like jeff.