Monday, August 10, 2009

"Mommy School"

With summer here in full swing, and no preschool for Carter, I decided that Carter is going to go to "Mommy School". We take about 30 minutes out of the day to practice recognizing, writing, and sounds of the alphabet. Sometimes we will do a fun craft or bake something together. This has helped him have a little bit of structure to his day. I found a great work book for him to work out of to get him prepared for his 2nd year of preschool! Last year before Kindergarten! I can't believe that! Carter has learned to like "Mommy School". It started off with him not listening to me, because it was me teaching him, instead of his preschool teacher, but now he is liking the idea of "Mommy School". Probably b/c he gets special one on one time. I had flash backs of when my mom would sit down with me and help me with school stuff. (: Kind of weird that I am starting all of this.(: I love my Carter and am proud of him, we have fun at Mommy School!

This day we got to make cookies!
yes he is baking in his undies

He also got to pick out a craft at Michaels. He picked a wooden, wiggly Alligator to paint! He was loving it!
He had already painted his, but was helping sawyer with his alligator. Cute brothers!


Mom said...

You are a fun, creative Mommy. Carter, Sawyer and Gwen are blessed to have you as their Mommy. :) (p.s.
I want one of those cookies!)

Halvos said...

So cute! I went to Costco and bought a workbook to do with Savannah--she is LOVING it! Thank you for the great idea! You are such a cute mommy!

Julianne said...

Can't say we didn't learn anything during our college years in Early Childhood Education, at UNLV! ;) I feel like I'm doing these same activities this summer, but "Mommy School" has such a nice ring to would make it funner to use that term. We were just in Sand Diego this past week. What area are you in?

Julianne said...

San* :)