Thursday, August 6, 2009

Annual Collins Newport Beach~july 09'

The very next week after my family vacation in Newport Coast, we headed over to Newport Beach for a Collins family vacation. This was a big exciting year b/c Mema & Papa were back for beach week!! We had so much fun with everyone, and can't wait for next year! Thanks Mema and Papa for such a fun week!

Papa. Sawyer
The kids hangout room
sawyer. jude. bennett
celebrating bryce's 10th b-day!!
The family talent show

The opfel family & Andrew
mema. papa
me showin' some ice skating moves
Amy dancin' it up
Andrew doing his famous gymnastics beam act...hilarious!
sawyer so sweaty after dancing straight for about 20 minutes
gwen.carter......watching a show together in the morning


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Ashly said...

hey i didnt get any pictures of andrew doing his beam routine. did you get that on video? i need that! love the pictures of sawyer and papa! they look alike!