Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Sunday at Central Park

Today was such a pretty day! Such nice weather in NY. We started out the day going to Ashly and Andrew's ward. It was fun seeing where they go to church every sunday. After church we relaxed, and took Ruby on a little walk around the block. Carter loved walking Ruby and being in charge of the leash. He was very good and cautious at walking Ruby. Later on in the day we went to Central park and let the boys play in the grass. Little Carter missed out and slept the whole way to Central Park, and the whole time we were there. Sawyer and Bennett had fun though playing and enjoying being outside.


Mema & Papa said...

Those two little guys sitting together are way stinkin cute. I love that Sawyer sucks his thumb--no wonder he is such a good baby. Carter is a great dog walker. He is very focused on Ruby which is great. I loved the video. Shelly--I think I heard you say that Carter needs a dog. But I also heard "just kidding". You sure do take some great pictures. Thanks for posting them. I miss all of you. ILYT oxoxo


Shelly!!! Oh my gosh, long time no see or talk! I found your blog through Sally and I can't beleive I even found her. I was just thinking about you, Tara,and Sally and how much fun we used to have in San Diego (FOREVER AGO)! You look great and your kids are adorable. I can't believe we never kept in touch! It makes me sad to look back through all your cute posts and see your family because we were all so close. Nobody has changed at all!!! Well here is my blog and my family, keep in touch!

Jessica (Swenson) Summerhays