Tuesday, June 3, 2008

GMA Summer Concert Series 5.23.08

Madison Square Park


We had so much fun in New York!! We are so glad we went and got to hang out with Ashly, Andrew and Bennett! Early Friday morning, Ashly and I woke up and walked to Byrant Park where we were able to go to the GMA Summer Concert Series. Thanks to my Dad ( he got us tickets) we were able to go and get up close to the stage. We had fun watching the mini concert, they were pretty good live. After GMA we went back to get the little boys and Jono and went to CPK for lunch and then went to Madison Square Park. The boys had fun running free in the park. Carter did not want to leave. But soon after we left the park we found a ice cream truck that had yummy cones and a spider man ice cream for carter. He loved that. That night when Andrew got home from work we got yummy Sushi across from their apartment. We had a fun day, and more fun days to come.


Elizabeth Judd said...

How fUn!! I'm so jealous, I love New York So much! how fun that you got to go to the concert too!

Mark and Meghan said...

sounds like an awesome trip! love new york!

Mema & Papa said...

Pictures of the NYC trip. Hip hip hooray! Everyone looks so good and I know you had a great time. More....More! ILYT oxoxo

volcom_LC said...

My husband is turning very green right about now. He's quite jealous you got to see them live!

Love New York!! enjoy the rest of your trip!!