Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

This video is pretty cute...Jono taught Carter where all the different car parts were on his truck. Carter new where everything was after a quick mechanics 101 class with his Daddy.

Happy Fathers Day Jono! You are such a sweet, loving, fun Daddy. Your 2 little boys love you so much!! They are so lucky to have you as their Daddy. It is the cutest thing ever to watch you and Carter hang out together. He wants to do everything the same as his Daddy. He even has to dress the same as you. Even if you are standing with your hands in your pocket, he will stick his hands in his pocket and stand there, and the list goes on. You are so good to let Carter tag along and work on all of your different house projects, mow the lawn, fix the car, wash the car, etc. He eats it all up and loves every second with you. YOu are so sweet with Sawyer, it will just be that much more fun when Sawyer is older and you can do all of those fun boy things with the 2 of your boys. You do so much for our family, and make us so happy. From working hard at work, to working on endless "house projects", to do fun activites with us. You are so good to help out with diaper changes, feedings, bedtime rituals, etc. You are right there involved in it all. We couldn't have asked for a better Daddy/husband than you. I hope you felt special today and know that we love you so much and think "YOU ROCK"!


Mema & Papa said...

The pictures are adorable--the written tribute so sweet and tender--the video is Jonathan through and through. Of course Carter knows all of the parts to the truck--he is his Daddy's clone. That isn't at all a bad thing. I was cracking up at not only Carter, but that other adorable boy--Sawyer playing with the cups and always smiling. I definitely want a garage floor like yours. It looks like you could eat off of it. Thanks for all of it--ILYT oxoxo

Mark and Meghan said...

that video was sooo cute! i loved it.