Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Carters is in love with tractors. He probably says it 10 times a day. At Daddy's work there are tons of tractors, so on our way up to Disneyland we stopped to pick up Daddy at work. Carter was lucky because all the tractors were out moving around doing their job. Carter was so excited to see the really big tractors, he even got to ride in the golf cart with Daddy and go look at more tractors. He was lovin' every second of it.


Ashly said...

Carterman LOVES his tractors. Good thing his daddy has the perfect job for seeing tractors! I love him wearing the hardhat.

Tricia said...

Like Daddy--like Son. This is a perfect example. You can tell by his happy face that he is in heaven. I miss my Champ. ILYT