Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This weekend we went and joined all the other Byu fains at the BYU vs. UCLA football game! It was tons of fun, even though we lost.. We went with my brother jeff and martha and met my sister KRis and her family there. Carter was so excited to go the the football game. When we got out of the car he said "yah, football!" The last pic is a result of carter getting bored on the car ride up there, so he decided to dig for some gold. (:


Tricia said...

Hooray--a new blog update. You know how much I love to see pictures of my kiddies. The last time I looked here today this wasn't here---so please excuse my request for pictures of Carter in my email today. He is so cute--even when he is digging for gold. ILYT oxoxo

Brooke said...

Hey Matt was at that game too. He went with his dad and brother. I heard it was got good after the second half. Looks like Carter had fun. He is so cute. We can't wait for Sawyer to get here.

Dani and Adam said...

Brooke and Scott Shields (my in-laws!) were at the same game! You guys look like you had a great time.