Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Am I stupid?

Okay so if you havent noticed, My links on the right hand side of my blog are purple and blue. I have been trying to change it forever, and for some reason they wont change to the color that I want it to. Everything else does on my blog except for the blogs I read links. Annoying. Has any one had this problem or know how to fix it? ITs probalby just me allowing the computer to be smarter than me.

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Mark and Meghan said...

Hey Shelly... It's Meghan Maughan..(Riding). I just stumbled across your blog and cannot believe how cute your little boy is! It's good to see your family on your sight too. Jeff looks happy, miss him. I knew he was dating Martha from Anne but it's good to see them together!
I just started a blog and am so new at this, but it's very very addicting...maybe i shouldn't have started it :)
how are you? looks liks your in the last stages of pregnancy (which suck!) hope everything goes well. Sawyer is such a cute name. We just had our second kid too. Now a boy and a girl. It's so much fun, but definitely takes a while to leave anywhere. anyway i'm glad i found you..i'm going to add you to my blog if that's okay! :) talk to you soon. meghan