Sunday, August 5, 2007


We went to the X- Games last night with my brother JEff and martha. We had tons of fun! Carter loved watching the motorcyles. He loves motorcyles, bikes, skateboards, etc. which he saw at the X-games. HE also saw a tractor grooming the dirt tracks, that was a big highlight for him. He is a true boy.
Carter cheering for the moto X racers

Jeff, Martha and Carter
Carter and Daddy ( he thought he was being pretty funny with 2 paci's: we need to get him off those things)

Carter amazed at the moto X trick he saw
Carter playing with mommy
watching BMX


Ashly said...

So fun! Carter is so cute. I love the one with the two pacis. I have a feeling that may be Bennett in a few years. Did you get a new camera? What one did you end up getting?

Samye said...

Love the pics!! He has grown up so much- and of course you are looking cute as ever!!

Kristi K. said...

Such cute pics, I am so jelaous you guys went to X-games while I have been sitting at home recording and watching every second of it that they televise!! I am glad you guys enjoyed it though!! X-Games rock!

The Tyler's said...

How fun!! We keep watching the replay of when the Brown guy fell on the big air. It makes me sick to my stomach! We have never been but are dying to go. I love that you took Carter! Brody really needs to go next year!

Tracy said...

Cute pictures... Martha told me she was going to the X-Games, but I didn't know she went with you guys! How fun!

Tricia said...

I have a feeling you must have gotten a new camera for your anniversary. Yippee! I loved all of the pictures. That adorable little champ of mine is taking right after his Daddy---I'm sure there will be more X-games to come. They looked like fun. Carter looks like he loves his pacis. Ashly had hers until she was 3 and then she started sucking her thumb. I hope he doesn't take after his Aunt Ashly in that dept. Thanks for the blog update. It was great. I miss you and ILYT oxoxo